Are You Looking For Residential Cleaning?

Your house is the place you go to after a long day of work and the moment you enter the house. You expect things to be pleasant and if they are not, you automatically feel untidy and messy. We know that with the busy office schedules. It has become tough to manage the house chores along with busy routines. And cleaning, out of all the tasks, appears to be the most difficult one. But we are well aware of the significance of residential cleaning and we are here to manage it for you. The house cleaning expert, Delacruz are always available to provide the best possible residential cleaning services for your house.

We are a group of licensed and trained professionals that are here to offer you peace of mind knowing that your house is entirely safe; in the hands of cleaning experts. We try to pay attention to all the small and minute details, which other companies might miss because we are a perfectionist in our work and perfection is what we are striving to deliver. If you want to end when it comes to your house, then Delacruz is the company for you.

We are a Washington based cleaning business that is reaching out to customers. There are a lot of the companies that are offering the same residential cleaning services; so, you may wonder, “Why book with Delacruz� Well, mainly because we treat your work as our work and we do our job with a complete and proper strategy according to the needs and requirements of the clients. We do not blindly impose the same policy. Other than that, booking with us offers you plenty more perks; such as

Save time

We understand that you have a busy schedule and you are already trying hard to cope up with it. So, we take the responsibility of cleaning your home and making it presentable for you. We do our job in the most highly professional way and you would be able to see it once the work is delivered. And if you can manage out some time for yourself. We invite you to give a thorough check to the work being performed and after that, sit back and enjoy your clean and tidy home.

Quality cleaning

House cleaning is not just wiping off the dirt and leaving the rest there to create more mess. We don’t believe in such a kind of cleaning. Delacruz Janitorial Service takes a brief analysis of the task you are hiring us for, and after that, we analyze the necessaries. We make a list of all the required tasks and of course, as you for the specifics if you have any. Then we mix both of these and formulate a strategy for you. We then start the work by following that strategy and making sure that our skilled professionals go above and beyond to provide you with a beautiful and satisfying cleaning experience and a lovely clean home after we did.

Fully vetted cleaners

Our cleaners are highly trained professionals. We give our residential cleaning team full and thorough training in which they are taught to analyze the task assigned and then come up with a proper strategy to deal with it. They are trained to use all the equipment properly before they send it to their first appointment. After this training. They give weekly updates and tutorials in which they are further assisted with new and more efficient ways of doing their assigned tasks. We want you to be at ease by knowing that we are sending a professional over at your place. Who knows how to get the job done.

Client-centric service

When you assign us any task, you no longer stay any other customer. But we make sure that you become our client. And we do that by delivering you quality work that you demand, keeping your specifications in our mind. We have a strong belief that it is our hard work. Your support keeps us running in the business and there is no way we will ever compromise on that. Our clients are always welcomed warm-heartedly and we are still there to cater to your questions.

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