An Overview Of Nylon Fasteners

Ideally fasteners need to be made of tough materials as their job is to hold products together. But believe it or not, there are fasteners made from nylon too. Nylon fasteners do exist, and their uses are very vital as well. Nylon fasteners can come in various forms like screws, zip locks, flat washers, nuts and many more.

When you are about to use fasteners, consider the nylon ones for their usage and for more superior work because of their superior quality over the normal metal ones. So, before you know the uses of nylon fasteners, let us have a look at what nylon fasteners are and why you should use nylon fasteners.

What Are Nylon Fasteners?

Nylon fasteners are exactly what they are named. They are screws that are made of nylon. Nylon fasteners are plastic screws that are made of different types of plastic materials like Acetyl, PVC, Polypropylene, and Polycarbonate. The heads of the nylon screws are also different just like the metal ones. 

A few of the commonly used heads of the nylon fasteners include hex heads, socket heads, and slotted heads. These are the most popular choices in the market but if you want other types, you will get other heads as well depending on your need. Nylon fasteners have a narrower threading profile than metal screws and this helps in reducing radial stress. 

Along with the different types of plastics, nylon fasteners are also treated with different types of chemicals. Nylon fasteners on being treated with different chemicals can improve UV performances and flame resistance. This step is necessary to check if the fastener is durable or not. Nylon is the best material to be used while handling electronic devices. These will act as a perfect insulator and will prevent the worker from any kind of shock.

Why Should You Use Nylon Fasteners?

Metal fasteners can easily be replaced by nylon fasteners as they are a better choice. Nylon screws are very lightweight. They are lighter than the metal ones and thus using nylon fasteners is going to affect the weight of the full project that they are being used for. Nylon fasteners are much tougher than they appear to be.

What Are the Uses of Nylon Fasteners?

  • Nylon fasteners are used for locking ties for organizing cables or the attach tags to items. They come in a variety of colours, lengths, and widths and so it is amazingly effective in holding a couple of hundred pounds of items. These are most functional as well as durable. You can bet your money on this.
  • Another quite common use of nylon fasteners is on the circuit board. Since circuit boards include electricity, it is better not to use the metal ones there as they can prove to be dangerous. That is why nylon fasteners are used to hold wires and devices into place without putting anybody at the risk of getting an electric shock on touching a screw. 
  • Nylon fasteners are made of plastic. That is why they are found in various home appliances. Now the home appliances which can use nylon fasteners to secure them are washing machines, electronics, and many other heavy-duty commercial machines. You may also find nylon fasteners in automotive parts. 

Nylon fasteners do exist and have several uses as well. Next time when you go to buy screws or fasteners for any kind of project, consider buying the nylon ones especially if they have to be applied to places that will be exposed to the sun. Try to look for these online. You can even compare the specification of each variety and then go the market to purchase these.

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