A Step by Step Guide to Hiring a Keynote Speaker

Do you need to hire a keynote speaker for an upcoming event? Wondering what the steps to hiring a keynote speaker are?

If you want to have a great event, finding the perfect keynote speaker is essential. While it may seem challenging to find the right person for the job, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may expect.

Fortunately, we’re here to help make it easy for you. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll tell you how to hire a great keynote speaker.

What is a Keynote Speaker?

A keynote speaker is a person who will be given a significant amount of time to speak at an event.

If you’re hosting a conference, a corporate event, an awards ceremony, or another type of event, a keynote speaker will be the main speaker who will be expected to have the most impact on the audience and who will establish the tone and the theme of your event. This person will often be an expert in their field and will have enough authority to excite event attendees and make them look forward to the event.

Choosing a great keynote speaker is important for making an event or conference a success and will have a big impact on its overall memorability. There are different types of keynote speakers that may be a great choice for your event and each has different pros and cons.

As an alternative to hiring an industry expert, some of the main types of keynote speakers you may end up deciding to invite to speak at your event include motivational speakers, celebrity speakers, or an entertainer. Each of these types of speakers can do a great job of making your event exciting and can be worth hiring to ensure your event is a success.

How to Hire a Keynote Speaker

Choosing a great keynote speaker is not an easy task and there are a lot of things to consider to make a good choice. Here’s how you can choose a keynote speaker step-by-step.

1. Know What Your Needs Are

The first thing you’ll want to do is to think carefully about your event and consider exactly what you want to accomplish with it.

A great keynote speaker should align with your event’s purpose and should help you meet your goals. A great speaker can help to summarize the core ideas that were developed during the course of the event and fully establish your event’s theme, helping to make the event memorable for your attendees.

Think about what message you want your attendees to leave the event with and be sure that you find a speaker who can successfully deliver that message and who has the authority and speaking ability to do so.

2. Start With Research

Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish in your event, you should then start researching keynote speakers who could be a good choice. Checking speakers buraues can be a great way to start finding potential keynote speakers for your event.

Many keynote speakers will have plenty of information online that you can look through, so be sure to check their qualifications carefully. Many will also have videos of past presentations that you can look over to get an idea of what their speaking style is and what their abilities are.

If possible, you should also look for third-person reviews or testimonials. Reading over these can help you verify that the speaker is the real deal and has been a favorite at past events and has met all expectations.

3. Consider Your Budget

When choosing a keynote speaker, you’ll also want to think about your budget.

Keep in mind that the more authority and experience a keynote speaker has, the higher the fee that they’re likely to charge. You may also need to pay more to someone who is located far away from where the event will take place.

It’s a good idea to consider how much authority you want the speaker to have and consider booking someone who lives close to your area if you want to get a great speaker for an affordable price.

4. Make a Shortlist of Potential Speakers

Remember that you’ll want to evaluate your options carefully when trying to find the best keynote speaker for your event. 

Create a shortlist of candidates and then contact them one by one to get more information about them. Be sure to get their professional resume and find out what speaking engagements they have had in the past. You’ll also want to speak to them about their rates to get an idea of how a speaker will fit into your budget.

5. Interview Keynote Speakers

Before deciding on a keynote speaker, you’ll want to interview any candidates that you’re considering.

The interview process you choose will vary based on what your needs are and what your industry is, so this process may vary. However, make sure that you evaluate your options well and choose the best candidate based on your budget and your event needs.

Hiring a Keynote Speaker With These Tips

If you’re interested in hiring a keynote speaker who will take your event to the next level, make sure that you take time with the process. Be sure to consider the keynote speaker that you hire carefully to ensure that you’re happy with your choice.

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