A Guide to the Different Fuel Types

Did you know that different types of fossil fuels meet almost 84% of energy consumption needs worldwide? This makes fossil fuels the most extensively used energy source globally.

Fossil fuels come from decayed and decomposed organic matter under the earth’s crust. Despite their dominance, fossil fuels adversely impact the environment when releasing hydrocarbons during combustion.

There are other fuel types besides fossil fuels that people use today. Even though some types of fuel provide more efficiency than others, each has merits and demerits.

Read on to learn the different types of fuels and the best ones for you.

Aviation Gasoline

Most people also refer to this fuel type as Avgas. Aviation gasoline gets produced as special oil from fractions of petroleum.

Aircraft with an internal combustion system engine use this fuel type. You’ll also find aviation gasoline in airplanes with a piston engine with an ignition system.

Avtur, also known as Aviation Turbine, gets produced like Avgas. Aviation Turbine gets used in aircraft with turbine engine systems and external combustion.


You most certainly have heard about this fuel type. Kerosene is widely used for domestic needs and small business operations hence its popular nature.

As part of crude oil, kerosene has various characteristics. This fuel type has a boiling point between 150 and 300 degrees Celsius. Also, kerosene is colorless.

Diesel Fuel

Diesel oil comes from the refining of black crude oil. Usually, the black oil is liquid at low temperatures.

This type of fuel has minimal Sulphur contents, acceptable by the Medium Speed Diesel Engines in the industrial world. Diesel oil gets used to power heavy industrial machines and automobiles.

The High-Speed Diesel (HSD) gets induced using a mechanical pump or electronic injection system.

Diesel is also denser than kerosene and petroleum hence more power output. It explains why diesel is the preferred choice for heavy engines.


Gasoline is among the most commonly used fuel types for cars. Look here to find different types of gasoline in gas stations today.

So, it would be wise to be cautious about your choice of gasoline. You don’t want to use types of gasoline that will affect the perfect condition of your car’s engine.

Biodiesel Fuel

This type of fuel comes from renewable sources like animal and vegetable fats. Unlike other types of fuel, biodiesel fuels can have minimal to negligible impact on the environment.

Biodiesel boosts energy security and improves the quality of air.

Get the Best Fuel Types for You

Each fuel type also has unique characteristics. For instance, fuel types for cars are lighter than that of airplanes.

Choosing your best fuel types will vary depending on several factors. These factors include the availability of the fuel, affordability, and purpose of use.

It’s advisable to use fuel types that don’t emit harmful substances to the environment. It would be best to look into the advantages and disadvantages of the fuel types you want to buy.

Explore this page to learn more about the different types of fuel for your needs.