A beginners guide to understanding All About Granny Flats Cost

Granny flats are a famous way to supplement your income or provide separate housing for a family member. Grannies aren’t the only ones who live in granny flats. A granny flat might be rented out or used as a personal retreat or home office. What are the requirements for building a granny flat, and how much do they cost? Click here to read more about the cost factor in granny flats. 

Constructing a granny flat

Most councils permit granny flats, although it is dependent on where you reside and the size of your home. Check with your local council first, and if they permit it, be aware that you will be required to pay council fees and that the granny flat will require accurate plans before it can be allowed.

Be cautious of the following when submitting an application to the city council:

â—  A “contribution fee” of up to $20,000 may be charged by a few councils. This is unusual, but it has the potential to tilt the scales against the structure.

â—  A Development Approval (DA) application may be required.

â—  In Victoria, a granny apartment can only be occupied by someone who is financially dependent on the owner of the main property.

â—  Australian building codes must be followed by all granny flats.

â—  Bathrooms, kitchens, and private access are all requirements for independent living in granny flats.

â—  On a single residential property, only one granny flat is permitted. A principal residence must also be located on the land.

â—  A private entrance and outdoor space are required for the granny flat.

With the exception of Victoria, a granny flat can be used for anything. If you live in a tourist region, you can even rent out your home to visitors.

Getting Council Approval to Build a Granny Flat delves deeper into what you’ll need to do to get approval.

Choosing a granny flat is a difficult task

Granny flats can be anything from:

â—  Built-to-order

â—  There are kits available.

â—  There are flat pack granny flats available.

Granny flat builders may send a granny flat to any area. Although some kit granny flat manufacturers include these in their rates, you may still need to lay a foundation and connect water and electricity if you buy a fully finished kit granny flat. A flat pack granny flat will come with everything you need, but it will still need to be built and will require a foundation, water, and electricity.

Consider the type of granny flat you desire. Kits and flatpack granny flats are available in a number of forms, but is a custom-made granny flat right for you? A custom-made granny flat may be a better investment if you own a more expensive home. Any granny flat can increase a home’s value, but don’t skimp on the expense. Granny flats have been advertised for as low as $10,000, however, they may not add value to your home.


Get quotations from granny flat builders if you want a custom-made granny flat. When comparing quotes, keep in mind that some will include a slab, plumbing, and electricity. Kit homes for granny flats are sometimes less expensive and equally as good as specially made granny flats.

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