7 Reasons to Get a Vasectomy

26% of adult Americans under 49 say it’s very likely that they’ll become parents in the future. On the flip side, 23% say parenthood’s not at all likely for them.

If you’re in the latter group, then you might be interested in ways to keep leading a child-free life. And one of your options is a vasectomy.

Are you on the fence about the procedure though? Then keep reading. Here are 7 reasons why you should get a vasectomy.

1. It’s Very Effective

Out of all the benefits of a vasectomy, the best one is that it’s a very effective form of birth control! In fact, it’s over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Vasectomies are meant as a permanent form of birth control, so you and your partner should have peace of mind.

You may have heard vasectomy myths about women getting pregnant still, but this is usually due to couples having sex unprotected too soon after the procedure. Your sperm count doesn’t drop to 0 right after; it decreases gradually. This is why it’s important for you to keep using protection and follow up with your urologist to test your sperm count 2 months afterward.

Once you’ve confirmed that your sperm count is 0, then you won’t need to use protection anymore!

2. Your Sex Life Will Be Unaffected

Another myth you might’ve heard is that your sex life will change after a vasectomy. But this isn’t true at all.

Your sexual function or how you feel pleasure won’t be affected at all. If anything feels different, it’s because you’re thinking about it too much.

Physically, nothing will change; you can resume your normal sex life once you’ve healed. Both you and your partner won’t notice any differences. Actually, your sex life might improve since you don’t have to worry about accidental pregnancies anymore!

3. It’s Not Painful

Considering that the vasectomy procedure involves some delicate parts, you might be concerned about it being painful to go through. The good news is, you shouldn’t feel any pain!

You’ll be given an anesthetic injection, which might feel like a small pinch. After that, you should be numb enough that all you feel is some discomfort. More specifically, men report a tugging sensation, but it doesn’t last long at all.

As for after your procedure, you might be afraid that ejaculation will be painful. We won’t lie here: the first few times might be a little uncomfortable, but ejaculation shouldn’t be painful. You might also see a little blood, but this is normal.

The only time you should be worried is if it’s still uncomfortable to ejaculate after a few weeks. In this case, you should speak to your doctor.

4. The Procedure Is Quick

A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure. So it’s such as quick procedure, you can even schedule an appointment for your lunch break if you want!

A vasectomy usually takes anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. You won’t have to block an entire chunk of a day off to have this procedure done.

5. The Recovery Time Isn’t Long Either

Not only is the procedure quick, but the recovery period is fast as well. While you might need weeks or even months to recover from typical surgeries, you’ll probably need only 1 week max to resume physical activity.

You can ice your genitals right after to keep the swelling and pain down. You’ll need to rest for a few days, but you’ll probably be able to return to work within 2 to 3 days.

Wondering about when you can have sex again? It can be anywhere between a few days to a week after. Listen to your body and don’t continue if it feels uncomfortable.

Just remember that your sperm count won’t be 0 right away, so use protection until your doctor gives you the all-clear.

6. It’s Easier on You Than Your Partner

Assuming you have a female partner, this type of permanent birth control is much easier on you than it is on her. Hormonal birth control can take its toll on her body and other methods can be equally uncomfortable or even painful.

If she wants permanent birth control for her own body, then she’ll have to get a tubal ligation. This is usually an outpatient procedure as well and it takes around 30 minutes to do. However, she’ll probably have to deal with a lot of pain afterward and it can take up to 4 weeks to recover from the surgery.

As you can see, a vasectomy is a much better choice when it comes to pain and recovery time.

7. It Can Be Reversible

Earlier, we mentioned that vasectomies are meant to be a permanent birth control method, as are tubal ligations. But the truth is, both are reversible in some cases.

Reversing a vasectomy is easier, as it’s an outpatient procedure, whereas a tubal ligation is riskier. The chances of a successful reversal are higher as well. So if you’re worried you might change your mind in the future, then have peace of mind knowing that a vasectomy doesn’t necessarily have to be for life.

Just keep in mind that the longer it’s been since your vasectomy, the lower the chances of successfully reversing it. Check out this doctor’s site for more information.

Take Control of Your Reproductive Health and Get a Vasectomy

If you previously wanted to get a vasectomy but were on the fence still, then we hope this article’s made you feel better about the procedure. Not only is it painless, but also, the recovery time is quick and it’s easier on you than on your female partner. And the best part is, it’s over 99% effective, but you might be able to reverse it in the future, just in case!

With so many benefits, vasectomies are one of the best birth control choices out there. So it’s time to take control of your reproductive health and book an appointment with your doctor!

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