5 Web Design Tips for a Highly Effective Business Website

Around 48 percent of users believe a website’s design is the main factor in determining a business’s credibility, which shows how important it is. 

Your website is a digital storefront so you must create a winning first impression with easy navigation and a crisp design. But there are other characteristics to consider, otherwise, you’ll lose out on customers. Perhaps you’re struggling with your website design and you’re searching for inspiration.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five web design tips to help you. 

1. Prioritize Loading Speed 

One of the top web design mistakes is creating a site that loads slowly. This is often because brands have overloaded their website with photos or used complicated designs. As a result, consumers will leave and head to your competitor instead. 

To prevent this, work with a developer to prioritize loading speed so you don’t miss out on sales.  

2. Choose A Simple Design 

If you’re looking for tips for good web design, scale everything back. The goal is to produce a clutter-free, clean website that’s easy to use. Regardless of how creative you want to be, choose a standard web design layout because consumers love familiarity and don’t want to feel conned when navigating your site.

You should also consider using a single-column design as it’s compatible with smartphones and encourages users to focus solely on the content.  

3. Streamline Navigation 

Out of all the business web design tips, streamlining navigation is the most underrated. Good web design tailors it to their target users so it feels like second nature. Because of this, businesses should organize page categories so users can quickly figure out how to reach their desired page. 

For instance, if you sell clothes then run tests to see if shoe-lovers will search under “clothing” or “accessories” to find a new pair of kicks. Then, use the results to make any amendments.  

4. Create A Mobile-Friendly Site 

Professional web design supports mobile-friendly sites because they understand how popular it is. In fact, 79 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices, which shows how common it is. 

As you figure out your web design, make sure your site is responsive so it works well on small-screened devices. If your site is cut off, your visitors won’t have a pleasant experience and will move on.  

5. Include Great Photos 

Photos are a fantastic way to break up text and attract users. Make sure you include images with humans so it’s easier for people to connect with your brand. But avoid using stock photos as it looks like you don’t care about your business.   

Enjoy Our Web Design Tips

Hopefully, you now feel prepared with our web design tips. 

Start by prioritizing your site’s loading speed, create a clean design, and streamline navigation. You should also design a responsive site and include arresting images to stand out. Good luck! 

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