5 Tips for Using a Fuel Consumption Calculator

Did you know that in America, we’re using about 337 million gallons of gas to fuel our motor vehicles per day? The reality is that this isn’t sustainable for our environment–or for your business.

When you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles or trucks, you tend to think of the cost of fuel consumption as a necessary expense. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a closer look at how much fuel you’re using.

A fuel consumption calculator can give you a sense of how and why you’re using gas. This, in turn, can help you cut fuel costs and more for your company.

Read on for five tips for using a fuel consumption calculator.

1. Understand the Fuel Consumption Calculator Formula

There are fancy tools you can use to calculate things like fuel consumption and average fuel cost. However, the basic formula is simple enough to start calculating on your own. The formula is simply miles driven divided by the amount of gas used. 

2. Start Resetting Those Trip Odometers

How can you tell how much gas you’re using and how far it’s taking you? Newer vehicles and trucks should come equipped with a trip odometer. Don’t refuel into your vehicles are running on E and when you do refuel, set that trip odometer to zero.

When you do this on a regular basis, you can see how many gallons fill the tank and how far each vehicle gets on a full tank of gas.

3. Don’t Just Look at Fuel Consumption Averages

When you start using a fuel consumption calculator, you have an opportunity to figure out which vehicles are most efficient, which routes require more gas, and so forth. That means that you don’t want to look at averages, alone. Keep a detailed account of each vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

4. Figure Out Your Overuse Areas

Now, you can start to see the bigger picture: where are you overusing fuel? Are your drivers traveling long distances to find gas stations? Do some drivers seem to go through fuel faster, indicating that they may be ignoring the best driving practices? 

5. Make Changes 

Once you identify your overuse areas, it’s time to complete the final step. Make changes to how your company uses fuel!

In some cases, you may want to invest in something like Fleet Fueling to eliminate long and costly trips to refuel. In other cases, it may be time to invest in new, fuel-efficient vehicles. Small changes will make a huge difference to your fuel consumption when you know where to target those changes. 

Don’t Waste Time and Money on Fuel Consumption

In the modern day, we rely on trucks and cars for everything from fulfilling the supply chain to getting us where we need to go. If your company is part of the motor vehicle industry, it’s time to start using a fuel consumption calculator. Save time and money by cutting back on fuel overuse.

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