5 Thriller TV Shows to Consider

Netflix offers classic bingeable thrillers in the form of unhinged antiheroes, shocking murders, and dark reveals. The slow burn of a twisty TV show that builds episode by episode is something we cannot ignore, even though we wouldn’t skip the thrill of a movie like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

If you are looking to see shows that will make you hold your breath with suspense, Netflix is the place to go, whether it’s Joe Goldberg picking his latest target on “You” or teenagers fighting demogorgons on “Stranger Things.” From “Squid Game” to “Black Mirror,” here are the most thrilling TV shows on Netflix.

Wait…What? You are still a fan of cable and do not want to cut the cord even in 2022? Well, that is perfectly fine because if you can afford cable and love the element of surprise, Netflix would not fulfil your needs. If you happen to look for affordable cable deals, we might help you with that as well. Optimum cable has some amazing offers and deals to consider. The channel list exceeds 420 and they also have in-built streaming apps in case you feel like streaming.

Anyway, all the Netflix fans can find below the top 5 thriller shows to watch this weekend.

1. The Fall

Despite Anderson’s hit-and-miss post-X Files output, The Fall should be a trusted thriller for those who are into the thriller genre. While trying to penetrate the mind of prolific serial killer, Paul Spector, she plays a flawed, yet driven detective. Spector, like Joe in You, knows exactly how to hide in plain sight, and to begin with, the man can cover his tracks very well. Fans of You will also appreciate his obsessive behavior, which is similar to Joe’s.

Despite the drowsy plots throughout the three seasons of the show, Stella and Spector’s captivating relationship never dries up. There are not too many minor flaws with their cat and mouse game, but there are not too many major flaws either. The show has 17 episodes, so it can be watched over the course of a few weeks or even in a couple of days. It is most likely that you will watch it over a few weeks since it is so good.

2. Breaking Bad

Everyone knows Walter White died, right? During the last two episodes, Breaking Bad gained viewers. However, that ended up being the end of the series. After the final episode aired, writer Vince Gillian interviewed cast members in a special after-show interview. He said the show was only written for five seasons.

Even though it ended on a tragic note (for viewers as well), it had gone out on a high note. Walter White’s death is the ultimate premise of the show, and every episode leaves the audience wondering whether the show will continue? The series kept us guessing at the end of every episode, as Walter could have been caught or killed in so many ways.

3. Wakefield

New Showtime series revolves around an inmate running an asylum. The psychological drama Wakefield explores the mystery of why Nik Katira (Rudi Dharmalingam), who is one of the sanest people within the most unstable environment, starts to lose his own sanity. How is it possible that this is happening to him at this time? With humor and heart, creator Kristen Dunphy explores mental illness with mystery and humor. 

If you want to find that out too, you might have to start binge-watching this right away. We guarantee that you would fall in love with the show and recommend it to others.

4. The Flight Attendant

Year 2020 was certainly a weird one and there is a great possibility that you missed most of the releases in that year. Perhaps you have not heard of one of the hottest thrillers of the year: The Flight Attendant. Featuring Kaley Cuoco as a stewardess named Cassie Bowden, the Emmy-nominated show follows an alcoholic stewardess that wakes up in Bangkok next to a dead body, not knowing where it came from. 

The first episode of the 10-part series opens with Cassie scrubbing up the crime scene and fleeing, the beginning of many bad decisions she makes over the course of the season. As Cassie tries to figure out how to get out of this mess, the show will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat. Make sure you do not miss it before Season 2 begins.

5. The Stranger

The end result is usually pretty predictable, but the journey you take the viewers on is usually anything but. Ultimately, it is this factor that makes the show so gripping to watch and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Twists and mysteries punctuate The Stranger’s eight episodes, making it one of the best miniseries in this regard.

The main character, Adam Price, is approached by a mysterious woman at the start of the series. Adam decides to dig deeper into his wife’s activities after being told by the stranger that she has been lying to him. When Adam begins to examine the truth behind some of his wife’s lies, he finds out some shocking news that comes as a shock to him. With a strong cast and solid writing, this is an entertaining film from start to finish.


Choosing the perfect show for the weekend or for a friend’s sleepover can be tough. Especially when you have so many options to count on out there. We hope this article helps you in this regard. Let us know in the comments section below which show did you end up watching.

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