5 Things to Keep in Mind When Using Google Ads to Generate Leads

At Prism Digital Dubai UAE we believe that when it comes to online searching, Google is the undisputed leader. While other browsers exist, Google has become synonymous with searching. “Google It,” we’re taught, is the best way to find any information because it can provide you with the answer to almost any question. That is why the addition of new search algorithms by Google is such an important factor to everyone, whether they are small businesses or Fortune 500 companies.

There are approximately 3.5 billion daily searches on Google, so it processes 40,000 searches per second! Consider the opportunities for any brand to establish a name for itself when each user is presented with millions of search results. For most firms, making full advantage of Google searches is critical so that anyone looking on Google may discover their product. As it takes time to perfect, organic means like SEO is not sufficient on their own according to Prism, a lead generation company in Dubai

The majority of businesses use PPC to obtain immediate results. In particular, Google ads can boost any website’s search engine ranking, but getting quality leads is quite another matter. Prism Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai will go through the top five criteria that can help you create a faultless Google ad strategy in this article. But in the meantime, let us describe the lead generation and what you need to understand about it in order to use it effectively.

PPC is an excellent way to generate leads.

The goal of lead generation is to pique people’s interest in a product and persuade them to inquire further. Businesses can use lead generation to attract and convert website visitors who indicate interest in purchasing or learning more about a product into prospective consumers. Prism one of the B2B lead generation companies in Dubai emphasizes that converting those interested visitors into clients is what lead generation is all about. 

Google has built its own lead-generating ads, known as Google Lead Form Extensions, in the same way, that other social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, do. It’s vital to remember that lead generation isn’t just about the number of leads; it’s also about the quality of the leads. Consider what would happen if you had 500 leads and just five of them were converted. One hundred quality leads, however, can generate around ten to twenty customers, which is a pretty significant number. Employ the services of a Google Adwords Agency In Dubai such as Prism to achieve great results.

Google Lead Form Extension

Google lead form extensions are ads by Google that are served when a user types a particular keyword in Google when searching for a certain phrase, service, or product. Individuals who work as freelancers or commission brokers for businesses can benefit from Google Ads in a variety of ways. Companies that offer discount coupons, promotional deals, or newsletter sign-up are examples according to Prism, a Google Ads Agency in Dubai. The actual question is: how does it operate for businesses in order for them to do that without difficulties involved? All of the answers can be found in the next section.

What Is the Function of the Google Lead Form Extension?

CTAs are sent to consumers in a responsive form beneath the ad via the lead form extension. Users are directed to a form with their data pre-populated from their Google account, urging them to register for a service or purchase the product when they click on the ad.

Using the Google Lead Form Extension Has a Lot of Advantages

This seemingly basic form actually has a lot of possibilities for the firm or individual who posts the advertisement. Anyone can use this to pique people’s interest in their goods because they are already looking for it. The company only has to make an offer to the customer that he cannot refuse after that, and that is half the battle already won. The following are some of the most significant advantages of utilizing Google form extensions:

  • The forms are pre-filled, allowing the user to submit them instantly without having to add any information.
  • These forms have incredible performance and are mobile-friendly.
  • They’ve been tailored to fit the needs of a wide range of companies.
  • To be contacted as soon as the data is received, Google form extensions can be coupled with CRM and other email software.
  • Most importantly, these adverts are relevant to the people because they searched for a similar item on Google, therefore they are not considered spam.

Data Collection Limits and Privacy Rules

IT businesses advertising the ad can readily obtain the data of the user who is auto-filled. However, you should be aware that these are not available to everyone due to tight privacy regulations. First and foremost,  the lead form extension should include a URL setting that clearly explains everything regarding the company’s privacy policies. Every detail about how the user’s information will be utilized should be specified.

Because advertisers cannot exploit the user’s personal information in any way, user consent is essential. Since credit card numbers, tax IDs, and social security numbers are sensitive information, advertisers are prohibited from collecting them. Alcoholic beverages, gambling, and pornographic products and websites are also subject to some limitations.

In a sense, advertisers have virtually no opportunity to illegally exploit any user’s personal data. They also can’t show kids advertising that Google doesn’t think are acceptable. 

What is the best way to keep track of conversions?

After the advertisers have taken care of everything else, this is the most crucial aspect. As customers begin to calculate the return on investment, they can track the performance of their ads here. In a full-funnel strategy, advertisers like Prism, a Google Ads & PPC Management in Dubai must ensure that conversions are tracked. Google’s conversion tracking tool is utilized to do this.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that conversions are always purchases. It could be the downloading of eBooks, signing up for a newsletter, or simply obtaining the users’ email addresses. The campaign manager is responsible for determining what conversion is and how he measures the success of the ad campaign. The performance of the campaign and user replies are measured using conversion actions.


Users who have already been engaged with the Google lead form extension can be tracked and contacted again using other tactics such as retargeting. However, advertising must be one step ahead of the competition this time, therefore a direct contact or a thorough email is the best alternative. In this method, the user gets all of the information he needs to make a final judgment about the product he’s interested in. What has been your experience with generating leads with Google ads?
Please share your experiences with us at PRISM DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY and if you believe you have something useful to add to this blog, please do so. Please use the comments area below as well if you have any feedback.   

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