5 Things to Consider When Buying an N95 Face Mask

Like most people, you probably have big plans for the future. However, life always throws us an unexpected curveball. For example, the pandemic came out of nowhere and has dampened our plans.

Not only that, it’s highly contagious, and it can be deadly to some people. So how do you protect yourself, and why can’t you use just any facemask? Continue reading to learn more about choosing an N95 face mask.

What Is an N95 Respirator Face Mask?

An N95 respirator provides a tight fit to the face and helps filter tiny particles. The corners of the respirator are curved to create a seal around the nose and mouth.

5 Things to Consider When Buying an N95 Face Mask

The CDC suggests that you wear masks outside your house as a precaution. Even if a cotton mask is effective, it is still in your best interests to invest in better-protecting masks. If you are looking for respirators such as N95 Masks, here are five critical factors to consider.

1) Is It Legit?

This is by far the most serious problem facing the personal protective equipment (PPE) sector. With so many brands to select from, some individuals fall for counterfeits that may be tough to spot if you’re not familiar with the signs. The following is an overview of the CDC’s recommendations on how to tell the difference between counterfeit and genuine masks:

  • Avoid purchasing loose masks or masks with tampered packaging
  • Search for the NIOSH clearance number on the mask or package
  • Avoid purchasing a brand with misspelled words

While you may want to use more attractive masks, some embellishments such as sequins may invalidate the assurance of your safety. Inadequate filtering caused by illegal fabric usage may also affect your respiration.

2)Your Field of Specialization

Does your job require you to be near individuals in confined spaces? Your employer can advise you on the kind of mask you need to be safe. If you are a frontline hospital worker, you will need more protection than someone working in a supermarket, even though both are considered high-risk situations.

N95 refers to non-oil masks that provide 95% protection against particles 0.3 microns or larger. However, it is not suitable for use in oil-based settings. Always ensure they fit well and have a high level of filtration if your job demands you to contact a large number of individuals regularly.

3) The Capacity To Breathe

You are very unlikely to feel dizzy when inhaling through a mask. Thus, the issue should not be whether you can breathe but to locate a mask that meets higher criteria for breathability. N95 masks adhere to higher requirements of breathability than KN95 masks.

If you are having trouble breathing through an N95 mask, then it’s best to find another one. There are various places to get quality, breathable N95 masks, like this site.

4) Economic viability

You may wish to search for a cost-effective, long-lasting brand. With counterfeits sweeping the market at the moment, there’s a high possibility you’ve already used some. Nevertheless, this has to stop because safety should always come first.

Fortunately, some companies have provided legitimate protective gear for decades and have been helping healthcare professionals and people throughout the pandemic. Some companies even offer immediate savings when purchasing in bulk, while others have a minimum purchase requirement.

5. Superiority

When assessing the quality of a mask, you must consider everything from the box to the material. A typical N95 mask will consist of several layers of water-resistant and biocompatible polypropylene polymer. When fastened with straps, this material will help conceal your nose and mouth.

Mask N95: Where To Buy It?

By now, you should know what to consider when purchasing an N95 face mask. The next question is to know where to get it. You want to find a reliable online store with a certified and compliant N95 respirator mask.

Do you still need help? Continue reading our blog posts to learn more about where to buy N95 Masks online.