5 Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

In 2021, Americans spend over $33 billion on gyms and health clubs, which shows we’re fanatics about maintaining a good physique.

Bodybuilding is another exciting adventure for fitness lovers because it boosts your self-esteem, lets you follow a healthy lifestyle, and prevents anxiety. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try bodybuilding, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Then, here are five bodybuilding tips to know. 

1. Set Realistic Goals 

One of the top tips of bodybuilding for beginners is setting realistic goals.

Understand that you won’t see results instantly and accept that achieving your dreams is a process. You should also track the process by snapping a pre-workout photo and measuring your arms, leg, and waist weekly to see if you’re on the right track. This is also an excellent way of fueling your motivation. 

2. Load Up on Protein

No bodybuilding guide is complete without mentioning the importance of protein. This is the best way to build muscle and repair it promptly after a workout session. Luckily, protein is diverse so you needn’t make huge sacrifices to your diet. 

You can load up on eggs, lean meat, and fish to reach your dietary needs. As a general rule, eat at least one gram of protein for each pound of body weight if you want to see quick results. Or, if that feels too overwhelming, then treat yourself to a protein shake. 

Further, most bodybuilders buy SARMS as it’s an effective method of building muscles quickly. 

3. Focus On Compound Movements 

Looking for bodybuilding advice? Embrace compound movements as they’re the lifeblood of every successful bodybuilding.

This includes your squats, deadlight, and barbell bench presses. You’ll find these target major muscle groups that will bring your bodybuilding dreams to life. 

4. Schedule Rest Days 

Sure, you want to lose fat and build muscle pronto, but it’s important to go steady. If not, you risk getting injured or burnt out, which means becoming a bodybuilder takes longer. 

To prevent this, make sure you regularly schedule rest days in between intense workout sessions. As a beginner, start with lifting three times a week and resting four times. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be slumped on the couch, instead choose low-impact activities like walking, stretching, or jogging. 

You must also prioritize sleep so you get at least eight hours every night. This gives your body time to repair muscles.

5. Focus On Tempo 

The speed at which you lift, pause, and lower are crucial to bodybuilders. Although it’s tempting to quickly do a bicep curl, you’re not properly activating the muscles and putting your body at risk. Instead, make sure each moment takes two seconds as it will force your muscles to work harder. 

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Hopefully, you’ll consider our bodybuilding tips. 

Make sure you set realistic goals, schedule rest days, and follow a protein-rich diet. You should also focus on compound movements and temp for the best results. Good luck on your bodybuilding journey! 

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