May 30, 2024
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PureHind – Benefits of A2 Desi Cow Ghee for Boosting immunity and Digestion

Indian cuisines have a great relationship with Ghee. It seems that most Indian dishes are unable to get rid of the relationship as the use of ghee elevates the flavor to a whole different extent. This is not something new as the practice of adding a spoonful of ghee on the favorite food can be seen as a major practice since generations now. 

However, if all these days you were not having ghee as you were thinking that you might gain extra weight by consuming ghee then you will have a great time reading this. Here we will talk about the way adding a2 bilona ghee can be beneficial to your health. You might have a completely different perception after reading this. We are sure you are going to enjoy the flavor of ghee in every food after this. 

There is no doubt that times are changing at a fast pace along with our lifestyle. Most of the time, we are in a hurry and hardly have time to check what we are actually eating. No wonder that children are completely reliant on their parents and therefore it is a need for the parents to offer good and healthy food. Therefore this is the time for you to know the benefits of including a2 desi cow ghee in their diet. 


One of the prime advantages of having a2 desi cow ghee is that it is one of those very few dairy products that can be digested easily. There is a good amount of amino acid available in the ghee along with known to have far more nutritional value compared to any other type of ghee present in the market.

If you think that your family members are intolerant to lactose, you don’t have to worry have the a2 desi cow ghee is good for your irritable bowel issues, You can have it twice a day and still stay assured that you will not have any issues with your digestive system. 

Great Vitamin A Source:

You will always find the golden tinge available in the a2 desi cow ghee. The reason for this is because of the availability of the beta carotene which is the coloring pigment along with Vitamin A precursor available in the ghee variant. You must know that this is a fat-soluble vitamin that is not harmful but rather important for your immune system. 

Even you must know that Vitamin A has a huge role to play in the reproductive system, restoring eyesight, and promoting healthy cell growth. Therefore when you include this ghee in your daily diet, you are actually helping your critical organs like the liver, kidney, and heart to function better. Therefore if all these days you were thinking about whether to introduce the a2 bilona ghee to your little one’s diet, we probably think that you should not waste any more time. 

Improves Immunity:

In the modern days when the Coronavirus has infected our lives and taken away so many closed pines just because of their weak immune system, you must work to strengthen it. Therefore nothing can be great than introducing the a2 bilona ghee in your diet. No doubt that the immune system is the ultimate defense of your body from harmful viruses and bacteria, adding a teaspoon of this can add to the betterment of lives. 

The presence of omega-2 fatty acid has a big role to play in strengthening the immune system. It has been researched that the a2 bilona ghee has similar properties of that of the human mils as it contains the A2 beta-casein. This is why it is considered a healthy and nutritious choice. 

Keep a check on the Cholesterol Levels:

The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids can be a great inclusion when it comes to cleansing cholesterol deposits. Since these are found in blood vessels that tend to impair one’s life, having the ghee can be a better choice. The availability of the A2 protein can become helpful in developing HDL which checks the cholesterol levels by keeping them away from your bloodstream. 

Bottom Line: by now you probably have got some idea about the benefits of a2 desi cow ghee. Therefore all these days if you were not sure whether or not to introduce it to your family or little one, you probably have got a clear knowledge now. So bring a bottle of happiness today and enjoy better health.