10 Tips To Have Most Cost Effective Pie Boxes

Innovative customized packaging is necessary for the growth of your brand in the marketplace and in making it stand out from the crowd. But when it costs you too much, you might think if expensive packaging is worth it. Like a bakery business, you only have one chance to make a good impression on the target audience in which Pie Boxes can help you a lot. But sometimes they might prove costly to you due to some reason which can lower your profit margins and hence, hinder the growth of your business. There are many ways of maintaining your high packaging standards without increasing the packaging costs. Here are some ways to keep the price of your pie packages in check. 

Optimize The Box Dimensions

Reducing the size of your pie boxes would not take away an ounce of their beauty but reduce their cost-effectively. The larger boxes take up more manufacturing material, which means that you will be incurred with higher manufacturing costs. Not only that, but they will prove more costly in the shipping process as well. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the fat and optimize the size according to the exact size of the product inside. Reducing the size of each of your packaging boxes by a few millimeters will save you a handsome sum of money in the end. 

Select Correct Box Style

Choosing the correct style of your pie packages can save you hard-earned money. In this regard, you can follow a thumb rule, which is “deeper is cheaper.†Configuring your packages in a way that they open on the smallest dimension and their largest dimension is deeper will help you in saving the amount of manufacturing material used. The lesser manufacturing material consumed in the manufacturing of pie packaging means that you save the manufacturing costs. Over-customizing your packaging is also not a good strategy as it proves costly, so keep their style easy and simple if you want to save money. 

Make It Lightweight

The material used in the fabrication of custom pie packages is highly inexpensive cardboard. But you can reduce your packaging costs further by making them lightweight. The lightweight boxes will then help you in lowering your overall shipping costs. But the question is, how can you make them incredibly lighter in weight? This is quite simple; you can induce die-cut windows on the lid or sides of the pie packages. To induce the windows, you need to cut the packaging material, which will help you in lowering the overall weight of your box and hence the price. 

Prefer Wholesale Buying

The technique of buying the pie packages in bulk or at a wholesale rate can do wonders for your business by saving you a large sum of money. Normally, buying the individual boxes or purchasing them in smaller quantities incur more price per box. On the other hand, wholesale buying will reduce the overall cost of your packaging. You may need to enhance your purchasing budget initially, but in the end, you will not regret buying wholesale as it will save you a lot of money. 

Go Green

There is a load of new materials being used for manufacturing the pie packaging. But your first priority should be the packaging with recyclable materials. This is because it will benefit you monetarily. Recyclable packaging means that you can avoid the need to manufacture new boxes every time you need to pack the newer products. Recycling is a much cheaper process than manufacturing relatively newer packaging boxes. 

Search Multiple Suppliers

Looking for multiple options while buying the pie packages is a good and effective technique. This is because it will allow you to compare the prices of different suppliers. You can also check the quality and make sure that the price of these packages is reasonable or not. While doing so, it is not always a good decision to buy the boxes with the least prices because there may be a compromise on quality. Base your decisions on the quality along with reduced prices. 

Restrain From Over-Printing

Many manufacturers think that infusing a lot of designs will make their packaging look highly appealing. However, over-printing your pie packaging will not only make it look highly unattractive but will also increase your costs. Imprint only those things which are necessary to go on your packaging and avoid printing the unnecessary or irrelevant stuff. This is because the lesser the printed designs and text are, lesser will be the utilization of inks, which will resultantly reduce your printing costs. 

Purchase At The End Of The Month

The bakery businesses are always in need of enough pie packaging supplies because they can get a larger order at any time. In some instances, they might run short of packaging supplies. In this case, do not rush into buying at the moment. This is because a wise purchasing decision can significantly lower your purchasing costs. The prices are relatively higher at the start of a month and also at the mid of the month. It would be wise to hold your order and buy the pie packages at the end of the month as the suppliers offer reduced costs during this time. 

Simplify Your Requirements

In most cases, the bakery brands stick to the packaging solutions that were developed years ago. For instance, every brand was using the large boxes previously. Due to this, they had to use the void fill to prevent the inside products from moving to and fro. Simplify your requirements and avoid the use of void fillers by optimizing the size of your pie packages, as this will lower your overall production price. 

Seasonal Sales

It is the wish of every marketer to save money so that they can gain a larger market share. Many packaging suppliers offer discounts and other offers on specific seasons throughout the year. You should prefer buying the pie packaging for your products on these special occasions. For instance, a lot of suppliers provide discounts on the event of Christmas, Easter, Holidays, and many more events. If any event is coming nearby, hold your order for some time and buy on these special occasions to save money. 

In a nutshell, getting the cost-effective pie boxes are necessary for the exponential growth of your company in the marketplace. You can get them within a minimal price by optimizing their dimensions exactly according to the products. Besides, you can also save yourself money by preferring wholesale, seasonal, and month-end buying.