Why Do I Need An Attorney After Being Involved In A Road Accident?

After a road accident, you can negotiate compensation alone or with the assistance of an attorney. Since you may be dealing with a battery of lawyers from the insurance company, having a legal representation, such as The Clark Law Office, is the best way to get a better deal. A legal representation protects your interests before the arbitration and during the negotiations. Some of the additional reasons why you need an attorney include:

The Attorney Assists In Collecting The Necessary Evidence

Cases involving road accidents may be intricate, especially when there is not enough evidence. The evidence may also not assist you in the legal process, primarily due to the quality. However, contacting the legal professional shortly after the accident is a game-changer in different ways. Besides ensuring you are okay, the attorney advises you on what information to collect at the scene. If you can take pictures, they are specialists on what images may increase your chances of getting a better settlement. The evidence collection stage also speeds up the compensation process as the insurance company does not have delay tactics often employed in cases with minimal evidence.

They Simplify All The Laws And Regulations

The relationship between you and the insurance companies is solidified through the insurance policy. However, if you need compensation in case of an accident, the insurance company may use some clauses to minimize your pay or lock you out. However, when an attorney represents you, they go through all the clauses in an attempt to safeguard you. Also, the attorneys interpret the insurance policies with the existing laws — finding more fertile grounds for more compensations.

A Lawyer Helps To Negotiate Higher Compensation

After an accident, there are certain things you cannot run away from, regardless of the injuries. You are required to pay medical expenses, even if you have lost your source of income. Even with unexpected changes in your life, the insurance adjuster may undervalue the compensation. Also, under the insurance company’s influence, you may underestimate the extent of the injury, settling for a lower compensation figure. However, working with an attorney in the negotiations increases your chances of getting higher compensation. Unlike you, the attorney has interacted with the insurance companies and has more knowledge and tactics on how to get reasonable compensation. 

They Handle The Paperwork

Like other insurance claims, paperwork is one of the things you cannot ignore as an accident victim. You are supposed to file all the necessary paperwork and, more importantly, draft a demand letter. Handling all the paperwork by yourself has two significant limitations. The work is tiring, and second, the chances of omitting some key documents and making mistakes are high.

However, working with an experienced legal professional simplifies the process, as they handle all the paperwork with accuracy and knowledge. They also help you in drafting the necessary documents, such as demand letters to the insurance company. If the compensation process is not successful, they will assist you in suing the insurance company, which also involves more paperwork and organization of evidence.

The Attorney Explores All The Legal Options

Suppose the insurance company is unwilling to give you reasonable compensation, then it is the work of the attorney to explore alternative measures. The legal professional may recommend alternative ways depending on the case strength and, more importantly, a route that will safeguard your interests as a victim.

In most cases, the idea of taking the case to trial may prompt the insurance company to offer a better deal. However, if the figure offered by the other party is not fair, the advocate may advise you to take the case to trial and seek a better settlement through the courts.

Lawyers Represent You In A Trial

Even though most compensation cases rarely go to trial, there are some cases where you may need assistance through a judicial process to get the proper compensation. They start by filling the case and serving the insurance company. If the case proceeds to court, the attorney is instrumental in safeguarding your interests throughout the process.

The attorney also prepares the case and organizes the evidence for you. They explain the case’s progress during the case, especially if you do not attend the proceedings. If an offer comes from the insurance company to settle the case outside the court, they handle the negotiations on your behalf.

Even though most insurance companies may encourage you to negotiate compensation without a lawyer, it is often bad advice. The attorney represents you by championing for a better deal, and in case the case proceeds to courts, they do all the legwork on your behalf.