Why Are Dental Bibs and Dental Bib Clips Important?

Concerns about cleanliness and hygiene are at an all-time high. They’re at the forefront of public consciousness because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthcare professionals including dentists can reassure their customers they’re committed to providing the best and safest care with superior quality dental bib clips.

If you want to ensure your dental patients have the best experience, read on to find out why dental bibs and clips are so important.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

What is a dental bib? Dental bibs and dental bib clips play an essential role in protecting the patient’s clothes from blood, saliva, and water during treatment. Sometimes solid debris such as plaque can also exit the patient’s mouth.

A good dental bib will ensure the client remains clean and hygienic.

However, there are other benefits to using good bibs and clips too. A bib can also help you to keep your treatment room clean and hygienic and capture any spills or debris.

Keeping Dental Bibs and Clips In Place

Keeping dental bibs in place is essential for them to have any efficacy but how you choose to do so is an essential consideration. Dental bibs with clips should be adjustable and hold the bib firmly with no chance of them tearing it.

Dental bibs with crocodile clips can be very effective and you can choose where to position the clips to best suit each patient.

Suitable For Sterilization

Did you know dental supplies companies have innovated to make bibs and dental bib clips out of more modern, sustainable, and sanitary materials?

It can be surprising to learn that your dental supply store may still be stocking dental bib clips that cannot be sanitized in an autoclave. Be sure to check the specifications of any low price dental supplier stock before you buy clips. You might be wasting money.

Some older dental bib clip designs can harbor bacteria in hard-to-clean places or they aren’t suitable for sterilization.

Dental bib clips can also become spattered with liquid and debris. Because dental clips can often come into contact with a patient’s hair and skin, they should be sterilized in an autoclave.

More modern designs made from silicone and other easy to clean materials are therefore a better option than soft plastics.

Comfortable and Child Friendly

A trip to the dental surgery is often stressful enough for a child without adding an uncomfortable bib to the situation. Smaller-sized and child-friendly dental bib clips which are suitable to wash or sterilize in an autoclave are the perfect solution.

By letting children choose their favorite color from a selection of options you can also help younger patients to feel empowered. Interactions about bib clips before treatment can put them at ease and help to reassure them that they’re going to be listened to and receive personalized care.

More Than Meets The Eye

It’s easy to dismiss dental bib clips as a simple, sanitary requirement for all dental practices. However, high-quality bibs and clips can make the patient experience much more comfortable, safer, and more personal for younger patients.

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