What’s the Best International Shipping Service? The Top Contenders

Did you know that the global parcels market grew to over $500 billion in value during 2020? Online sales of merchandise are driving more and more shipments each year.

There are several options for shipping carriers but choosing isn’t always easy. Are you looking for the best international shipping service for your company?

The following guide will cover the top contenders for international package delivery. Read on to discover which shipping company is a fit for you.

DHL Shipping

DHL is a popular company for overseas shipping. They offer several affordable international services. Their advanced logistical network helps ship to many different countries overnight.

They’re great at global small parcel express deliveries. DHL also specializes in handling dangerous goods that need specific documentation.

DHL offers delivery options like road, rail freight, expedited air, and ocean shipping. They also provide deliveries to remote areas.

Keep in mind that DHL doesn’t deliver domestically in the US like they do in other countries.


FedEx is an excellent choice when shipping internationally from the United States. They’re great at handling fragile shipments and even offer temperature-controlled services.

FedEx has affordable overnight and two-day international delivery service options. They also have priority and economy freight services for LTL shipping.

Their pallet-level tracking helps account for each of your shipment’s pallets.
FedEx offers unlimited shipment weights except for skids weighing over 2,200 lbs. Those heavy skids are still shippable but need extra approval.

FedEx is also renowned for its reliable customer service and Saturday deliveries.

United Parcel Service

UPS often gets associated with domestic US deliveries. Although, they also boast a logistic network in over 220 countries.

They are great for specialty shipping like hazardous goods and domesticated animals.

UPS delivers all packages within five days. They also offer overnight and two-day delivery for an extra cost. You can also select ocean and air freight deliveries through the company.

Expedited ground freight services from the US to Mexico are also beneficial. Their website helps with scheduling and filling out customs paperwork. It also offers advanced shipment tracking.

Other Considerations

Large companies like UPS and DHL might not always be the most cost-effective. Sometimes it depends on your location and shipping method.

For example, YRC offers the best freight rates from the US to Mexico and Canada. If you’re in Germany, explore more from ship7.com for tax-free US retail deliveries and other perks.

Also, consider your customer base in different countries. DTDC is a popular option for those who ship to India. PostNL is a popular option for European shipments. BlueDart offers international services across Asia.

The Best International Shipping Service

So, who’s the best international shipping service? Now you know that it often comes down to shipping times, the type of goods you’re shipping, and your location.

The larger well-known carriers offer similar competitive rates and services. But don’t overlook smaller companies for certain areas and situations. Check out our site for more helpful business tips and other fascinating information.