What Ways to Choose the Bathroom Vanities for Your Bathroom?

One of the significant bathroom vanities components that you need to have is a vanity. It acts as a storage place in the area and houses the bathroom sink and the faucet. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. You can find umpteen option in terms of size, types, starting from the pedestal vanities to the freestanding ones. Similarly, they come with different materials like marble, ceramic, wood, and so on.

Based on so many variations, choosing the best design can be a lot overwhelming. Not only you need to worry about maintaining the beauty of the bathroom with a proper vanity design, but also you need to consider the functionality of this furniture.

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Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanities

Considering these few points, we have decided to help you choose the best design from the bathroom vanities you will see in a shop at the time of buying.

Choose a Place and Then Take the Size Measurements

When you decide to add a bathroom vanity, you must first assess the space and decide the vanity size. Your first task is to select a place where you want to install the vanity in your bathroom. Without selecting the place first, you wouldn’t be able to take some approximate measurements of the vanity’s length, breadth, and height. So, look around the bathroom space, and decide which particular spot is accessed more. It is this place where your vanity should be present. While taking the size measurements, make sure you are considering the spaciousness of the entire bathroom. After all, you can’t afford to have an over-crowded place just because you wanted a bigger vanity in a small-sized bathroom.

Choose a Particular Vanity Style

Style plays an important role, not every style is made for you, but when it comes to choosing the one for your bathroom, you must consider the interior of your bathroom and choose the final style. Different styles of bathroom vanities are available in the market. Before you buy the first piece of vanity, you see after walking into the store; you need to understand which particular vanity style will suit your bathroom interior. For example, if your bathroom has a traditional touch to it, the vanity should also be traditional with a heavy ornate design. Similarly, if the bathroom has a modular architecture, you need a vanity with a clear design and sharp cuts.

Select the Proper Material for the Furniture

Bathroom vanities are made of different materials based on bathroom design. You need to check what material is covering the interiors mostly. If you are looking for a more rustic and regal look, you can opt for wooden vanity. You also have the option of choosing a marble vanity.

Choose the Type of Bathroom Vanity

Next comes the choice of the bathroom vanities based on their types. An important factor that you need to consider is to assess the size of your bathroom. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom, then wall-mounted vanity will be a good choice. The next option you have in pedestal vanities is a narrow, tubular stand fixed with the ground. Freestanding vanities will be like a normal storage compartment with the legs placed on the floor. Vessel vanities have a normal cabinet for storage purposes, but the sink protrudes out of the main surface in a vessel or bowl form. Under mounted sink vanities usually have the washbasin fitted into the furniture’s surface and gives a flattering look overall.

Decide on the Storage Plan of the Vanity

Since vanities are used for storage, you need to work on the type of storage compartment you want to have in the furniture. Starting from the number of drawers you need to the open cubbies, the cabinet doors, the interior shelf divisions, and others need to be planned out properly before choosing the furniture. Bathroom vanities are essential for preventing clutters’ appearance, and hence, you need to have a functional storage structure. 


This was the basic information about bathroom vanities, and based on it, you must choose the right one for your bathroom.

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