What Is BizNexus (And Why Is It Important?)

If you’ve been in the world of online business for a while, it can be difficult to keep up with all the newcomers and hot new names on your newsfeed. Sometimes, you may even wonder if it’s worth your time to do so. After all, up and comers often become yesterday’s news in a matter of months.

If you’ve wondered whether BizNexus is one of those companies, think again. This business continues to grow and expand, providing top-notch services to many communities and businesses.

So, if you’ve ever wondered, “What is BizNexus?”, find your answers today! We give you all the essential information in the guide below.

BizNexus Origins

BizNexus is a business website developer originating in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Founded by Libba Evans in 1995, the company served two primary purposes. First, the company provided businesses with website development services.

The company got an early hit when the city of Winston-Salem contracted them to design the city website. To this day, BizNexus continues to maintain and update the site.

Second, the group presented opportunities for online community networks. Originally, Libba Evans envisioned this site as a place for new artists to post their portfolios and set prices. This vision continues in a new way, which we’ll explore below.

BizNexus Growth

Currently, BizNexus is in the process of splitting into two companies under an umbrella company under the same name. BizNexus continues to work in website development, seeking to partner with large investors to take their services nationwide.

Meanwhile, the new CitySummit offshoot aims to create platforms that users can use to get news about their region. They can also engage in financial transactions. Overseeing this new division are Kim Westmoreland and Todd Johnson.

BizNexus Business Acquisition: How It Works

If you go on biznexus.com, you’ll find that one of the most prominent services for BizNexus is buying businesses. In this section, we’ll explore how that process works.

First, set your acquisition goals and sale aims with BizNexus. Once you set up your target, BixNexus seeks out businesses that match your preferences. From there, they form customized matches from the many businesses for sale.

From there, they’ll match you to specialized professionals that can help you manage the acquisition. Next, they’ll connect you with buyers and intermediaries who match your criteria.

BizNexus software analyzes millions of points to help match buyers with acquisitions with a positive cash flow. The platform also helps to refine your search, automating your deal flow pipeline. This process helps save you from downtime and frustration.

How much do these services cost? That depends on the service you choose. Different packages come with more scaled options.

BizNexus costs include the following:

  • Starter Packages: Free
  • Premium: $75/month
  • Pro: $188/month
  • Concierge: $1000/month

These packages also include one-time annual costs.

Get Started with BizNexus Today

BizNexus software provides you several opportunities for growth and development. You can use their web design services to increase your traffic.

You can also expand your business by buying smaller companies. So, don’t hesitate; get started with BizNexus today!

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