What are the Reasons to Ditch Snapchat in Favour of Instagram Stories?

Social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate in our life. There are plenty of social networking sites around the world. Snapchat and Instagram generated buzz in social media at one point or another. Although taking different approaches, both Snapchat and Instagram seek to be the go-to place for sharing photos and videos on a daily basis. Instagram launched its own Stories application in 2016 as one of the best features incorporated in both Instagram and Snapchat. 

The Stories feature of Snapchat has become a popular form of social sharing. Without the usual social media elements such as heart buttons, comment sections and comments that remain forever attached to your profile users are encouraged to participate in more casual and regular uploading of images and short videos that will vanish after 24 hours.

It may sound a little insane, but it’s been just over a year since Instagram took a turn to launch Stories at Snapchat. I am saying “insane” because stories have become such an integral part of the entire Instagram experience that the website can no longer be imagined without them. In fact, nearly thirty percent of Instagram users are also daily users of Stories and this percentage is increasing. But somehow, Snapchat is still there and still rising. The teenage generation is still loyal fans of Snap and we are told to be where our target is as advertisers and follow them wherever they go. Click here to know more about Instagram accounts.

I’m going to break this advertising motto and bring Instagram stories vs Snapchat to the test, giving you some arguments why your small business should kill the Snapchat in favour of Instagram.

Reasons to Pick Instagram

Look and sound of Instagram are stronger than that of Snapchat, the main reasons for the comparable decline in the use of snap chat. By adding too many features to it, Snapchat loses its emphasis. Instagram’s labels are more avoidable. Instagram is much easier to follow compared to Snapchat and more of your peers are Instagram’s active users.

Instagram is a Joy to See

It may be true that people just put their own best versions on Instagram, but it certainly makes an app that looks smooth. Stories up at the top, first recent ones, and all you need to get down at the bottom around the screen. Snapchat, on the other hand, climbs you straight into the camera app, so there’s nothing to look at apart from your feet. You are encouraged to build something immediately and while some would like it, many of us would prefer to move through a feed before trying to make something new.

Most people are not happy with the new version of the Snapchat design, and getting around and making sense of it is a horrible mess. You have no fewer than three different ways of sending a Snap to someone, and they are all confusing. Apparently, the new paint lick came about because it was too hard to use the old interface, but the upgrade doesn’t do the job any better.

Following is Easier on Instagram

Here are some of the items that are easier to do in the Instagram application compared to Snapchat. 

➦ Finding new people to follow you may already know.

➦ Finding new people to follow who are total strangers. 

➦ Figuring out who’s following you. 

➦ Finding out what’s going on in your part of the world.

➦ Finding posts related to topics you are interested in.

Active Users Friend on Instagram

For Instagram Stories alone, the number of active users is almost twice the overall number of active users for Snapchat. Even if you love Snapchat, if most of your friends are on Instagram and oppose Snapchat as a gender app for teenagers you have little choice but to follow them unless you’re under 25, most of your peers are also on Instagram.

Instagram Has a Bigger Audience

Instagram revealed a big move of finally reaching more than 800 million active users on the site. This means that over the last couple of months, Instagram has expanded by more than a hundred million users. Meanwhile, Snapchat is still a major milestone for the application at its first 166 million users, whose year over year growth is estimated to have been leaving.

Instagram Has Wider Audience

Snapchat is often referred to as a forum of choice for teenagers. Just fourteen percent of Snap users are over thirty-five years old, according to Statistics, which means the core population on the application is made up of teenagers. If your target audience is this, then Snapchat may be the right place to be. But Instagram has a wider audience. Instagram’s target audience has no age limit or a specific gender.

Instagram Marketing Opportunity

Social Media Examiner recently surveyed Fifty-seven thousands of marketers, noticing some interesting things first, it turned out that marketers are not first on Snapchat. Just seven percent of marketers are like to join Snapchat but Fifty-four percent of advertisers are interested in Instagram.

Lastly, a major blunder on the part of Snapchat that it does not give its own information. In the big data age, Snapchat relies entirely on third parties for advertisement targeting to be offered as compared to Google or Facebook gathering information on their users. Data is your only currency in today’s tech world. One strong argument in favour of Instagram to ditch Snapchat is that it reduces the work by more than half.

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