Muscle Aches: Meaning, Causes and Treatment

Muscle aches, which is also known as myalgia is a very common problem that is suffered by people. Almost majority of the people have experienced a muscle ache at some point in their life. Since you have muscle tissue in all the parts of your body nearly, you can feel this pain anywhere. However, it is to be stated that isn’t just a single reason for having muscle pains or aches.

Any kind of injury or overuse are common but there are other possible causes as well.

Causes of Muscle Aches

Often, you may experience muscle aches and you may know the reason behind it. Most of the instances of muscle aches are a result of too much tension, stress or any kind of physical activity. Certain medications such as soma for muscle relaxant medicine is extremely effective for muscle problems.  Well, some of the common causes of muscle aches are-

  1. Tension in the muscle of one part or more in the body.
  2. Overuse of the muscle while doing any physical activity.

Causing an injury to the muscle while doing any physical activity or exercise.

  1. By skipping cool downs or warm ups.

However, you must note that not every muscle pain is related to tension, stress or physical activity. The causes for muscle aches can be explained medically as below-

  1. Fibromyalgia happens when the muscle aches or pains lasts longer than three months.
  2. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  3. Myofascial pain syndrome cause inflammation in the muscular tissues known as fascia
  4. Many infections like polio, flu or bacterial infections may result in myalgia.
  5. Many autoimmune disorders like dermatomyositis, polymyositis and lupus.
  6. Certain drugs or medications
  7. Thyroid problem like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism 
  8. Hypokalaemia

Treatment of Muscle Aches

There are quite a few ways by which you can ease out your muscle aches. Muscle aches can be treated at your home by some of the best treatment methods. Some of these methods can help you to get relief from muscle aches or discomforts that has been caused due to an injury or overuse.

You can try out the following methods-

  • Rest the area or part of your body where you think you are experiencing a pain or an ache.
  • Sometimes taking medications like soma for muscle relaxant problems or other pain relief medicines can be really effective. But always consult a doctor before taking such medications.
  • You may also apply ice to affected place which will help to get some relief and lessen inflammation too.

Make sure you apply ice continuously for one to three days. You may apply heat if the pain persists even after three days. Stretch your muscles and avoid too much physical activities that may worsen the pain. Also avoid weight lifting. Go for stress relieving activities such as yoga.

You may see a doctor if the muscle pain or ache or may be the inflammation continues to persist even after doing the home treatments. Usually muscles pains are not always harmless. There may be some underlying cause. Muscle ache may also indicate that there is something wrong in the body.