Why You Need a Urological Surgeons?

A physician specializing in the diseases regarding the urinary tract and sex organs in males and urinary organs in females.

These physicians are also known as urologists or Cirujano Urológico . Physicians are connected to the diseases related to urinary problems. There are several urologists who can help you in treating various urinary diseases.

What do you mean by urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is related to the leaking or loss of urine due to faulty control of the bladder. It is also estimated that 25 to 33 percent of the population in the United States are suffering from this urinary incontinence.

It means that millions of people live with this condition, and there are also many different kinds of urinary incontinence found. Both women and men suffer from these conditions, so several factors are unique to men and women as for the condition and different factors that increase this urinary incontinence.

Do you want to be the common misconception that the normal part of aging is the same as this problem, but there are many ways for managing urinary incontinence and decrease the effect in life?

Different consequences

Urinary incontinence is considered to be more than some health concerns. It affects people on the social, emotional, and psychological levels. People suffering from urinary incontinence may also avoid different situations and places in fear of having an accident.

This disease can also limit life, but it does not have to. The main concern is mainly treatable once the causes are addressed and identified.

Symptoms stress incontinence

Stress incontinence Is mainly due to the pelvic floor muscles get weak. This condition is mainly common in different types of urinary incontinence found in young women. Due to this, it has become the second most common disease type in older women.

Some activities include walking, exercise, bending, stretching, coughing, sneezing, laughing, and lifting less strain on the weekend floor of pelvic muscles that leak.

Any activity that helps increase the physical stream on the pelvic muscle floor may also need incontinence or even during sex. A certain amount of that leak always varies, and a few drops or up to a tablespoon depends on the severity. Some of the studies have also suggested that 25 to 45% of women over 30 are suffering from stress incontinence. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, then you will feel alone. Weakness is not only in the pelvic floor muscles but in the urethral sphincter also plays an important role in this type of urinary incontinence.

So the weakness of pelvic floor muscle and tissues supporting the urethra and bladder may cause stress incontinence.

These tissues and muscles may be weak due to many reasons, and some of the reasons contribute to some modifiable disorders. By knowing the modifiable factors is considered as the first step toward management of the condition. Anything that causes damage to weak stretches of these pelvic floor muscles may also cause stress incontinence. Some of the causes can’t be changed, and an increase in age in females also increases the risk.

The floor of pelvic surgery or the injury in the lower back, smoking, chronic coughing, pregnancy, and obesity are also some of the causes that affect pelvic problems. Some women who have multiple pregnancies will have a greater risk than those who have undergone C-sections.

Symptoms of urge incontinence

This is occurred due to some overactivity of detrusor muscles. The symptom of this kind of incontinence is often leaked suddenly, accompanied by urine loss. This type of incontinence occurs at different ages, but it is mainly typical at advanced ages.

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