Understanding the Different Types of Courier Deliveries

When it comes to the common people to use the courier service many of them feel shy to approach the international courier services in Mumbai. There are lots of doubts in the mind of the common people regarding delivery services that can range from how they price to what kind of courier service they need to take. Also, as a new person into e-commerce, one needs a little guidance when it comes to choosing between different courier services to upgrade their business. 

Parcelchief.in is here to you clear some of the common doubts that emerge in people mind regarding the delivery services. 

Let us have deep insight into the courier delivery services:

Courier Delivery Priorities

The difference between some of the courier service that separates them from standard service to the exceptional one is their priorities toward the customer parcel/courier. Some of the courier services may go the extra mile and can offer the delivery guarantees on your courier to Netherlands. On the other hand, another service may not provide you the guarantee on the shipping but can offer speedy delivery. 


What are you looking for? It is another big question like every customer is unique there need are also different from each other. Are you looking to ship parcel in domestic as e-commerce or your market spread is international? 

Because the domestic courier is a lot cheaper compared to the international deliveries as there are Tax, Fees, and permits involved that adds to the cost. 

Other than that International services in Mumbai also help their customers with different facilities like refrigeration and special storage helps as shipping the items out of India to another country is going to take time. 

Types of Courier Services

Standard Courier services

Standard courier services are cheaper but they also stick only to certain parameters when it comes to delivery. They do not accept the parcel exceeding 100 pounds of weight. In case the parcels exceed the weight limit they may charge more. They are good if you need to make a dependable delivery service for the medium-sized parcels.

International Services

There are many international courier services in Mumbai that can help you ship out of India at a very low cost. The international courier services offer the best rates for international deliveries. They have a better connection with the port authorities, acquisition of permits, and tax discounts that helps them to carry out the operations. 

International courier services in Mumbai use air freight and sea freight. All you need to make sure is that your courier to Netherlands does not hold any illegal or restricted item. 

Rush and On-Demand

Rush-on Demand services are usually used in case of emergencies. They can help in the shipping of customer returns, important document, and medical emergencies. They may not offer same-day delivery but they do offer a pick-up in one hour service. 

Finding the Right Courier Service for You

We are sure the above information has helped you in understanding the working and difference in courier services. We are sure now you may be a little clear when it comes to choosing a parcel delivery service for when making courier to Netherlands. You may call our office and get a quotation for your courier. Also, check our guide on the packaging if it’s your first time and struggling with the task.