Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Security Guard Service

Nobody is safe today in the crime filled world. If you are operating from a location that has a high crime rate, it’s your responsibility to keep your property and people who work for you in that premise safe and secured at all times. In this article, we have highlighted the top questions (and more, BONUS!) that you should definitely ask a security guard service company before hiring it.

Do You Have a Guard Job Screening Procedure?

The security service industry is a high attrition business. Most companies make it relatively simple for a common man to join the security guard job with minimal training.

Most average security service companies follow a very basic guard skill training assessment procedure to meet the industry demands. These result in hiring below average personnel who are either poorly skilled in handling any type of danger or are too poorly prepared to report any dangerous activity ahead of the crime. In both cases, the consequences could be bad considering the rate at which crimes are increasing in the locality.

Before hiring a service from a security company, vet their job screening practices to judge how they would fare in a real life situation.

How Soon Do You Replace a Guard?

On an average, a security guard in a high crime rate locality is retained for 6-8 months. However, due to unforeseeable situations, there could arise a point where your security guard could leave the job within a month or so. Finding a timely replacement then becomes an absolute necessity as your premises can’t be kept open without a guard protecting the access points at all times.

The ones that do an outstanding job would find a replacement the same day!

Interpersonal Behavior

Some small companies expect their security staff to behave in a certain way. They are ought to be well dressed, be cordial, and exude a level of professionalism. Best security provider companies take special care in ensuring their staff meets the standards and requirements in such cases. You could ask the prospective service provider these questions:

  • Do you provide uniforms, shoes, and arms to your staff?
  • Do you provide basic training in communication and behavior management?
  • Are they trained to be sympathetic toward specially abled people? and so on.

Do you understand my requirements?

A good fit between your company and the security guard service provider depends on the ability of the security company to understand and match your specific needs.

It can be an overwhelming experience to hire a reliable security guard service provider, especially for a business that is located in a locality known for a high rate of crime. You might come across a hundred security companies that could promise to deliver dependable services on paper, but in practical situations, things are very different. Most would fail to deter criminals and worse even fail to prevent them from inflicting damage.

Hire a company that highlights its ability to meet all your requirements.

Alen Parker

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