Top 5 Signs You Need Blepharoplasty Surgery

Deformations or damage to the eyelid is a common worldwide issue! That’s why the global eyelid surgery market is worth an astonishing 66 million!

In addition, blepharoplasty surgery is an effective method of removing excess fat around the eyes or correcting a droopy eyelid. This surgery can not only improve the patient’s confidence but correct any health issues about the eyelid.

But how do you know if blepharoplasty surgery is necessary? This short guide will entail 5 symptoms that show how you may need blepharoplasty surgery.

1. Drooping of the Eyelid

Even after the blepharoplasty recovery process, you may need to undergo revision eyelid surgery. This is because the eyelid is still droopy.

Sometimes, this is in regards to the levator muscle. The levator muscle is responsible for opening the eyelid by lifting it. In certain cases, this can occur if the muscle is not tightened through surgery.

2. Difficulty Blinking or Shutting Eyelid

Sometimes, the tightness of the skin around the eyelid can prevent the eyelid from closing. This condition is called lagophthalmos.

This can not only yield an uncomfortable experience, but it can also increase the possibility of gathering dust and debris in the eye. This will result in further injuries.

When undergoing blepharoplasty surgery, a skin graft can add more skin to the eyelid, allowing it to completely close.

3. Lower Eyelid Bags

In certain cases, fatty deposits can accumulate under the lower eyelid. This can cause bags to appear, some patients may see this as unsightly.

A lower lid blepharoplasty can help correct these issues. The fatty deposits are removed to provide a cleaner look. The severity of the case can widen the blepharoplasty price range.

4. Hollowness of the Eyelid

If a former procedure removes too much fat from underneath the eyelid, this can also create issues. A sunken look can occur in the eyes, this can make an individual appear sick or struggle with fatigue.

A consultation about blepharoplasty with Dr. Mesa can help address these issues and provide a lower blepharoplasty cost. Undergoing a lower lid blepharoplasty can help these hollow areas by adding volume. After blepharoplasty recovery, a patient will look more rested and appear attentive in other situations.

5. Creating Eyelid Symmetry

There are a variety of different reasons why eyelids may appear asymmetrical. If there is an accumulation of fat around the eye, it can create a disjointed look. An injury or even a heart attack can also affect the droopiness of one eyelid, weakening the levator muscle.

This can also occur if there is an excess of fat removal from a former procedure. Blepharoplasty can help with the symmetrical restoration of the eyelids.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

Why should you worry about the appearance of your eyes? Choosing the right blepharoplasty surgery can make a difference in how you live your life. It can also make a major impact on your self-confidence.

It is vital that you consult the right person before undergoing surgery. Neglecting this process can not only disrupt the recovery process but can also require further surgery.

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