Thrifty Business Spending: How To Cut on Office Supplies and Expenses

It’s fair to say the last two years haven’t been easy for businesses. Heck, some experts expect COVID will have cost the US a whopping $16 trillion by the time it (eventually) ends. As 2021 come to a close, are you trying to do whatever you can to relieve the financial burden?

Well, every little helps, right? So, in this article, we’re going through our top tips for saving money on office supplies and expenses. Check them out to improve your bottom line today.

Focus On Your Utilities

Utility bills are a significant drain on resources for any business with a physical location. Contrary to popular opinion, though, they’re definitely not fixed costs!

For example, why not upgrade to smart outlets? These handy gizmos have timers that let you limit energy usage whenever your employees have gone home. Other options include canceling unused landlines and, of course, incentivizing the economical use of electronics during office hours.

Be Strategic with Supplies

News just in: you don’t have to pay top dollar for office supplies! Making strategic purchases could save you thousands throughout the year. For instance, consider buying bulk orders of things like paper, printer ink, staples, and so on.

You’ll pay more upfront, but the average price for each item will be significantly less. Buying older versions of larger items (like photocopiers) is always a good way to land a discount too. Oh, and don’t rule out second-hand products if you’re on a budget either!

Stick to the Sales

Remember, many stores, such as, run amazing sales that offer serious reductions on their wares. Keep an eye out for them! It’s one of the best ways to find cheap office supplies.

In our experience, the best time of year for these deals is the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the after-Christmas sales all happening, you’re guaranteed to save money on office supplies.

Don’t Forget to Deduct

A surprising number of business owners don’t realize that most office supplies and expenses are actually tax-deductible. That’s right, as long as they’re both ordinary and necessary for your operation, everything from printer paper to the printer itself can be deducted from your tax bill.

So make sure you keep those receipts! It’s an easy way to save money at the end of the year.

Start Saving on Office Supplies and Expenses

At the end of another difficult year, most business owners are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure. The good news is there’s no shortage of opportunities around the office to do exactly that. As we’ve seen, office supplies and expenses are a great source of potential savings.

We hope the insights above have shown you some easy wins in this regard. Keep them in mind and your bottom-line will be in better shape in no time. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Don’t go anywhere!

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