The Ultimate Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

The majority of Americans, about 96%, do some form of spring cleaning each year. However, the inside of the house tends to be the focus.

Don’t forget that your yard needs just about as much care as your home. That is if you want to enjoy your space once the weather cooperates.

Read this spring cleaning checklist to ensure you do not miss an important step.

Get in the Gutters

With spring comes rain and if you have clogged gutters then you are in store for a mess. Therefore, spring cleaning means getting the debris leftover from fall and winter out of the way.

Grab a ladder and some gloves to get large clumps removed so rain can flow easily. Check your rain spouts while you are at it to ensure there are any leaks and the rain is going where you want it to.

Clean Outdoor Windows

Your spring cleaning list may include wiping those inside windows down, but you probably did that even when it was cold. It is the outside of those windows that need a good scrubbing.

Click here to see how a pressure washer can make this job faster and more efficient as there could be mold and algae growing on your outdoor window sills.

Manicure Your Lawn

Before you think about adding flowers and more greenery to your yard first do some maintenance.

You can hire spring cleaning services like a landscaper to trim bushes, remove dead plants, and help organize your yard’s layout. This creates a clean template for spring additions and makes your outdoor space more functional for activities.

Declutter Sheds and Garages

One of the best spring cleaning tips is to go through your storage units. Chances are that you need something in your shed or garage to tackle another project.

Make it easy and stress-free by taking everything out to see what can be thrown away and what needs to be accessible. You can also install storage units like shelving and hooks to make sure your storage unit stays decluttered throughout the summer at least.

Return to the Garden

Probably the last of your tips for spring cleaning will be fixing your garden beds. And this is also the most fun.

Before you go planting random flowers and vegetables, first, remove any old plants and mulch. You can also reorganize your beds by adding new stone borders or creating raised garden beds.

Then decide which plants you want to grow, measure out the space needed for growth, and even think about an irrigation system. Be sure to protect your garden from invaders by putting up animal fencing too.

Thinking about your garden now will help it thrive, which means more beauty and abundance for you.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Made Easy

Using this spring cleaning checklist helps when you have the right tools. Be sure to stock up on cleaning products, gardening tools, and lawn equipment. Being prepared will help you get finished faster and limit trips to the store.

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