The Proper Way To Clean Grout

You might have spent hours working with an interior designer to create your idea of a beautiful home, but keeping it in pristine condition may not be the easiest task. The bathroom and kitchen are two areas of any home that are prone to get particularly dirty and require extra measures to keep clean. Yet, even after your countless hours researching the comparisons of prism grout vs mapei – that kitchen and bathroom grout remains a problem in keeping your home looking clean. Here’s the proper way to clean grout and avoid damaging it. 

Skip The Expensive Chemicals And Make Your Own Cleaner

There is absolutely no reason to spend money on grout cleaners, because you can brighten and clean grout using common household products. Here are two different mixes that you can make on your own: 

  • Diluted vinegar with baking soda: mixing water and vinegar in equal proportions and then adding enough baking soda to make a paste, creates a pH neutral mild grout cleaner that won’t cause any damage.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: making a paste from these two ingredients can help you brighten up tougher stains.

If your stains are still persistent, you may consider using oxygen bleach on your grout, but avoid chlorine or ammonia-based bleaches because they will damage your grout.

How To Use Grout Cleaner

Whichever recipe you use, or if you opt to buy a grout cleaner, the process of applying it and cleaning the grout is the same. You should apply it on your grout, preferably using a brush (an old toothbrush works well), and give it some time to start working. Wait for around 5 to 10 minutes, or however much time the instructions on the packaging say.

Then, start scrubbing the grout gently using the toothbrush, working in sections to keep track of cleaning. Some people split their entire tile area into grids, applying the cleaner on one grid while they scrub the one before it. This reduces the time spent waiting for the cleaner to work. Finally, wipe away the cleaner using either a damp cloth or by mopping the area. Avoid steam cleaning or dousing the area with water to clear away the grout cleaner. After you’ve finished, inspect the grout for any persistent stains, and spot clean using a tougher cleaning solution. 

Steam Cleaning Grout

Many people try to clean their grout using a steam cleaner, because the high temperature is useful in that it can sanitize the grout and prevent mould and other bacteria from growing. However, the steam does erode the grout and you may find yourself replacing your grout entirely sooner than you expected if you use a steam cleaner.

Cleaning grout is not a complex process, but a little elbow grease is required. If you follow the aforementioned steps, you can bring back life to your grout, whether it is in your kitchen or your bathroom – this method of cleaning grout works for all types of grout without eroding it. You showers will look good as new after you clean the grout!

Alen Parker

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