The Importance of Having a Good Web Design For Your Business

One of your company’s most important assets isn’t your storefront—it’s your website!

Many small businesses neglect the importance of having a modern, fast, and easy-to-use website, but it’s not something you can afford to ignore. Your website is basically your company’s ‘home’ on the internet, so it’s just as important as your actual business location.

Good web design can make all the difference, but why exactly is it so important? To learn more, keep reading to learn a few of the major reasons why both large and small companies need to have an amazing website.

Make a Positive First Impression

As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression! When potential customers are searching online and stumble across your website, are they going to be impressed—or scared?

A poor company web design is going to immediately turn off customers, as no one wants to bother with a website that loads slowly, is hard to navigate, or isn’t easy to read.

Instead, improve your website so that it works in your favor and not against you.

An important issue here to think about is website speed. If your website is loading very slowly, customers aren’t likely to sit around and wait–instead, they’ll click the back browser and go to another website.

To avoid losing customers, it’s essential to have a website that loads quickly.

Help Your Customers

Your website is one of your most important business tools, as it’s there to help your customers! They’ll use it to review products, find the information they need, or check out your company’s opening hours so they can visit.

Ideally, all of your key details should be easy for them to find on both a computer or smartphone, meaning your site should be mobile-responsive. This means it automatically adjusts to whatever size device it’s being viewed on.

Your website also helps you with customer service, especially if you’re able to offer a live chat system. Both you and your customers can save time if they’re able to quickly send messages online, rather than having to call a customer service line.

Good Web Design Can Bring You New Business Through SEO

An amazing website isn’t just going to help your current customers–it can also help you bring in new ones.

If a website is designed well, it will have been built with SEO in mind. This means your site will rank on search engines for keywords you want to target, attracting traffic from people who might become customers.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of best practices in both website development and design, which includes everything from labeling photos correctly to improving your website speed. If you’re not an expert yourself, it’s good to outsource this to an IT team.

However, once your website is built, you can use it to bring traffic to your website in lots of other ways–find more information here. From social media, ad campaigns, and referral traffic, your website can constantly be helping you generate new leads, even while you’re asleep!

Build Brand Trust

Do people trust your brand? Building trust is an essential step in marketing, especially if you’re selling high-value services or items.

No one will invest in a product if they’re not sure the company is trustworthy, so a website is a great way to help them. Some of the key strategies for building brand trust include being honest, accessible, consistent, and reliable, all of which you can do through your site.

Your website can include details on your company’s history, bios about your staff, details on your return policy—all important things that help your customers see you as a real person, rather than just an anonymous company.

Use Your Website for Digital Marketing Campaigns

A great website is also important if you want to run digital marketing campaigns, which is something most businesses should be doing.

Using tools like pay-per-click ad platforms, social media, and backlink building, you can attract targeted customers keen to find out about your business. Once you’ve lured them in, however, you need to send them somewhere!

In most cases, this will be a landing page on your website, created specifically for your ad campaign. This is where you’ll capture valuable leads from interested customers, such as their email address or phone number.

Stand Out From the Competition

In almost all industries, competition is a huge problem. With so many businesses operating with similar products to yours, why should a customer shop with you over a competitor?

It’s not easy, but having an amazing website can help! If you can offer shoppers convenience, information, and ease of use, they might prefer to go with you over another.

Customers love options too, so if you can offer multiple payment methods, all the products they’re looking for, and helpful online customer service, you’re sure to impress them.

Does Your Business Web Design Need Some Improvements?

With so many benefits of good web design, it’s time to audit your own website. Is it up to the task?

If your website isn’t as good as it could be, it’s time to think about making some changes. Either on your own or with a web designer, think about coming up with a new design that meets the needs of your customers.

Yes, a new website is an investment. But it will pay for itself quickly and without one, you’re likely to lose customers—don’t take the risk!

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