The Complete List of the Best Small Business Tools Available Today

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Did you know that around 65% of businesses fail in their first 10 years? If you are looking to stay out of this statistic then we highly recommend using small business tools to your advantage. We have put together this short guide to share the best tools available to improve your business workflow. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of small business tools that you shouldn’t be without.

1. Connecteam

For online entrepreneurs that have remote employees, this is a free business tool you might want to check out. This tool will make it easy to track hours, process payroll, allow managers to leave feedback, keep everything transparent, and unite the collaboration and communication within the company. 

Connecteam offers GPS time tracking which will allow employees to clock in and clock out from their phones. You can also send out newsletters, updates, and announcements in certain groups or send announcements out to everyone at the same time. 

2. Virtual Cards

If you are looking for more security when making purchases for your company then you want to check out virtual debit cards like these: These debit cards are stored online in your own account and they are instantly generated and you can use them as soon as they are created. 

You have the power to create certain spending limits and control the purchases made online. There are other things you can do like add custom controls for recurring payments in the future or share unique card numbers with different billers. One of the best things is that you can become more efficient by eliminating physical plastic cards. 

3. Google Drive

This is a popular tool because it is cloud-based. This means that anyone on your team can access files as long as they have internet. You have the ability to create, store, and share any type of file you can think of from spreadsheets to presentations to documents to images.

It is also possible to sync all of your files across all of your devices and share them privately with whomever you wish or share them publicly with your entire team. Plans start from a free option where you are limited to 15GB or up to 2 TB for $10 per month. 

4. Shift

This is a virtual workstation where you can have everything in one place to help you get your tasks done more efficiently. You can manage all of your apps, social media accounts, email accounts, and extensions from one desktop application. There is a basic option which is free or the advanced option for $99 per year. 

Ready to Use These Small Business Tools?

We hope that now that you have our list of the best small business tools available for entrepreneurial success, you can make informed decisions on which ones are best for your specific needs. 

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