The Best Multimeters for Any Electrical Reading

Using the best multimeters has a range of unique benefits. As their name suggests, they are actually used in a wide variety of measurements. But not all multimeters offer the same measurements. For some users, it is actually a matter of preference. Used by professionals, some of the best multimeter 2021 can test voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, etc. Most multimeters are actually used by professionals with diodes or transistors. At home, multimeters can be used with electronics and even in the garage, testing out various auto electronics is possible as well.

best multimeter 2021

Certifications and safety for the best multimeters

When it comes to certifications, it must be said most multimeters have none. It is still up to the user to test out the device and see if its results are as those advertised by the manufacturer. A few select devices come with CAT III 600 and 1.000V abiding regulation construction on the UL listed devices. This makes them safer than most other products.

AstroAI WH5000A Multimeter

Design features

Designed with a modern approach, the multimeter has one of the largest and most detailed LCD screens in its class. There is a large knob to adjust the reading easily underneath it. Since it is made for professional use, its design has a few characteristics made for maximum return on investment. Its rubberized edges are perfect for an improved grip and for extra protection in case of slips.

The function switch knob is also one of the largest in its class. It represents a practical solution for quick adjustments. A 10A jack, an input jack, and a Com jack are also found on the device. Navigation buttons are also included. With strong rubber, they are easy to press even when working in busy places such as on construction sites.

One of the favorite features users considers this multimeter for comes with the included magnet on its back. The multimeter can stick to various metal panels, meaning less effort is needed when making measurements. Combined with its large size, it leads to one of the best designs in its class.

Convenient features

One of the most convenient features of the multimeter comes with its various readings, close to what even the most expensive devices are capable of. With AC/DC voltage reading, current, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, frequency, and even temperature readings, the device is truly capable.

With included cables, the multimeter can test for the circuit integrity. Called the continuity test, it connects two points of a circuit to check for any possible interruptions. With other applications for electrical problems, the device has an even wider range of application. It can even test out various stand-alone or part-of-a-circuit batteries. With overload protection based on a double fuse design, the multimeter is extra safe and useful in the long term on various jobs as a result.


With an attractive screen and a long list of possible measurements, the multimeter offers top performance at an affordable price.


Made with an impressive LCD screen

Measures temperature

Includes continuity test compatibility

Anti-burn double fuse safety protection

AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter

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