The Best IELTS Institute in Khanna

Well, everyone wants to spread their wings and fly higher and higher. Some want to excel in sports, some want to spread their business and some also want to study or roam the world freely. Well, for the beginning, IELTS is also known as the International English Language Testing System. The British Council jointly manages it, the IDP: IELTS Australia and even the Cambridge Assessment English. The Testing system was established in 1989.

More about it

IELTS is a testing system for those who want to study abroad. Let us suppose that you are living in Indian and want to continue your further studies abroad. Well, as an Indian, having ‘Hindi’ as the common tongue, it might be a little bit difficult to cope up with the foreign accent. And so is the testing system about. It tests whether you can cope up with it or not.

The score for the testing system is based on a sequence of evaluations which are sum up and tells about one’s English language fluency. The test score ranges from one to nine. Nine is for ‘Experts,’ and one is for ‘Non-Users.’ There is also a zero score for not-attempted. The testing exam costs about $225 and even, each test center has its fee structure. So, the final fee is not fixed.

How to prepare for it?

Well, it’s not about the fee, that is the problem, its about the preparation for the exam. The exam is relatively hard to clear and you will require about a score of 7.5 to get officially cleared for foreign studies and global migration. You must have to find a proper mentor for you to get you prepared for the exam.

For this, you can even try some of those IELTS institutes in Khanna.They are considered the best for training their students in English language fluency. So well, even with a coaching institute, all you need will be a great and a lot of practice in English. Stop watching normal shows and reading and writing Hindi. Do everything in your hand to prepare a good base in English and go for it.


There are many myths about such exams. One such myth is that you can take this exam only once. But well, the truth is that you can take this exam as many times as you want. You have to pay the entrance fee every time you try to take the exam. There are even other exams for the same abroad studies, such as TOEFL.

You can go to any of them. A TOEFL exam is 60 minutes long, while an IELTS exam is about 30 minutes long. Even if you are unable to get your desired score, don’t stress about it., improve your game and try harder. Since the test can be taken as many as times you want, why not level up yourself and try it again at a later date.