The Best Event Management Apps, Tools, and Platforms You Need to Know

Event management is one of the top ten most stressful jobs.

From designing an idea to promoting attendance to day-of-catastrophes, most event planners work long hours, odd hours, and don’t get many off days.

Event managers suffer from an all work and no play mentality. Despite being in charge of parties where the point is to play, event managers spend their time managing chaos. On the day of events, there’s no time to relax or even snag a bite to eat.

Social media and technology have event managers in demand 24/7. But, technology has also provided event management apps and tools for planners to utilize to increase productivity, and in turn increase profit.

Here are the best event management apps, tools, and software to have in your back pocket as an event manager.


Eventbrite is one of the most popular tools among event managers, but it’s still on our 2021 list of the best event management tools for the simple reason that it works!

Eventbrite provides ticketing solutions for every event, from small photography classes and backyard disco parties to large concerts and conferences.

It’s user-friendly, and most guests are familiar with the site, which they can register on from a phone or computer.

Signing up for your event page is easy, and Eventbrite lets you promote and track your event all through the app. The software allows you to create attractive and unique landing pages for your event that stand out and entice guests. Third-party integration also allows for guests to check out straight from your event site.

Eventbrite also helps you manage:

  • Rapid mobile check-in and ticket scans
  • ROI Calculator
  • Social media integration
  • Feedback forms after events

All in all, Eventbrite is a great tool to use for your audience reach, day-of logistics, and data analysis of your event.


Once you have the idea for your event and you’re setting the wheels in motion, you’ll need the tools to keep you on track, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Wrike allows you to create your custom event management template for any event. The ability to customize enables you to prioritize what’s most important for your event, whether that be engagement, task management, or timeline structure.

The cloud-based software takes the information you input into your template and then provides a visual outline for the best approach to your event plan, from macro to micro details.

Wrike also prioritizes:

  • Task status dashboard
  • Vendor communication through mentions and comments
  • Third-party integration with Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, and more
  • Data reports

Wrike keeps your entire team on task and in communication with venues, vendors, and staff.

Social Tables

If you’re in the hospitality industry or deal mostly in weddings, conferences, and fundraising dinners, Social Tables is the go-to app for venue layout, seating charts, and more.

This event management app lets you create floor plans and seating charts over the images of your venue. The platform uses 3D tech to chart, layout, and edit seating placements to scale.

You can share your designs with other users and vendors, allowing for an easy setup flow day-of-the-day event. No more paper printouts with small-scale boxes and hard-to-read floor plans. Social Tables lets your team and vendors know precisely how to work the floor plan to their advantage.

Social Tables also incorporates:

  • CRM capabilities for booking ease
  • Sales monitoring
  • Interactive data
  • Real-time modifications to streamline operations

Social Tables takes the guesswork out of your floorplans and lets you focus your time on event promotion and revenue sales.


Handling day-of ticketing and check-in disasters is quite possibly an event manager’s worst nightmare. Nothing ruins your event faster than guest lists being wrong, guests not getting in, and not selling tickets at the door. It can hurt your profit, and worse, leaves your guests irate and avoid future events.

Boomset clears up any ticket and check-in problems you may run into with their software.

Key highlights of the app include an attendance tracker, badge generators, and guest list management.

The software tracks guests via facial recognition or with enabled wristbands. Guests can then purchase merch, meals, or drinks with badges and bands, creating an interactive event feature. Boomset also allows guests to print their badges and schedules of events at home, making less work for on-site staff.

Boomset also allows managers to:

  • View check-in and check-out data
  • Generate attendance reports
  • Generate event demographics
  • Download photos of events

Boomset takes the chaos out of the check-in process and gives your guests an exceptional experience with their first interaction with your event.

WordPress Event Calendar

Odds are, if you’re an event manager, you’re never just managing one event. Instead, you may have anywhere from five to ten events in one month or even multiple events in one day, and that requires top-quality time management.

The WordPress Event Calendar makes managing these multiple events more, dare we say, manageable. This online event management platform allows you to choose from more than fifty event display layouts for your events integrated into your website.

The best way to let your clients and potential audience know what events you have going on? A visual calendar right on your website.

If you have multiple calendar apps for your events, you can migrate all apps into the WordPress Calendar for a fully detailed calendar sync.

WordPress Event Calendar doesn’t stop at time management either. The software also incorporates:

  • Booking & ticketing features
  • Payment options
  • User suggested events (great for knowing audience needs!)
  • Third-party integration

Take time management to the next level with the WordPress Event Calendar.

More Event Management Apps for Your Next Event

In 2021, we’re helping take the stress out of event planning and generating a greater ROI with event management apps.

By using event management platforms, you can increase audience engagement by 20%, productivity by 27%, and profit margins by an average of 20-30%.

These five apps are just the tip of the iceberg of the event management platforms you should have at your reach.

To find what apps work best, step back and evaluate what you prioritize in your work. Every event planner has a different strategy for their business that requires different features. You just have to pick what works for you!

To streamline your business and get to planning more parties, check out what other event management apps you need in 2021.