Steps To Make a Workplace Firesafe

In recent times, fires and explosions have caused a lot of destruction in workplaces all over the world. Every office should have a safe and sound environment. Proper fire prevention can save your workplace from considerable damage and losses.

Fire is a severe threat. It not only affects your business but also puts the lives of the employees and workers in danger. The workers need to identify and be ready to fight any fire that breaks out at the workplace.

It is essential to educate the workers with some fire fighting remedies. Let us look at some ways which will make your workplace fire-safe and ensure the safety of the employees and machinery.

Keep the firefighting equipment easily accessible

There must be proper firefighting accessories in your workplace. No one knows when a fire breaks out, and one should always be ready if that happens. There should be easy access to the control panel and fire extinguishers. Fire alarms should be present and alert you at the time of hazards.

Make sure that dust or other waste does not block the fire alarms and other gadgets. Moreover, all employees should know where firefighting gadgets and fire extinguishers are present. Proper training must be given to them on how to use these. Make sure all the equipment function properly.

Schedule regular checking of your workplace 

Make sure all the firefighting equipment in your workplace are in good condition and upto date. It can be dangerous if they do not function as they will not provide any help to you. Make sure you have high-quality equipment.

It’s also an excellent idea to call an experienced electrician and make a check on the electrical devices and wiring of your office. Short circuits are a common cause of office fires. There should not be any burnt wires or loose connections. There should not be any overheating or sparking. If there is any problem with something, make sure you replace the faulty parts.

Ensure safe storage of chemicals and flammable objects

Make sure to store any chemical substances, flammable equipment, etc. in a safe and sound place which is not easily accessible. There should be proper ventilation, and it should be a bit distant from the other rooms in the workplace.

The storage area should have proper security so that no one can access it easily. It should be fit with adequate firefighting equipment because it has a high risk of sustaining a fire. A fire alarm should also be present to notify us in case of any danger.

Always keep a clean environment 

It is essential to keep your workplace clean and tidy. When there is a lot of waste and clutter, a fire has a high chance of spreading. Materials such as paper, faulty equipment, and cardboard boxes catch fire quickly and spread it at a fast rate.

Maintain proper storage and keep your workplace free from clutter and unnecessary waste as it can also block exit routes during emergencies. They also fuel the fire even more. A neat, tidy, and clean workplace is always at low risk of catching fire and is safer for everyone inside it.

Designate a smoking area 

It is essential to designate a smoking area for the employees which is at a proper distance away from the main building. Careless smoking and disposal of cigarettes can be a cause of the fire. Sometimes a cigarette is still burning, and it can cause a fire.

If there is any electronic gadget, open-wire or a loose connection, it will immediately catch fire if a lit cigarette is present near it. In no time it will spread and cause an extreme fire. Inform the employees about this so that they take precautions and smoke their cigarettes responsibly.

Keep emergency exits always open 

It is crucial to make an emergency route to escape the building in case of fire or any other emergency. It can be the difference between life and death. Proper knowledge of the route should be present with the employees. These routes should always be clear, and no obstruction should be present.

Routes of the emergency exit must be put on display and should be adequately lit so that the employees can view it. Moreover, whenever you hire any new employee, make sure to tell them about this. Even neon-lit signboards should be present at the emergency doors so that everyone quickly sees them.

Make a proper evacuation and firefighting plan

You should always make an evacuation plan with your employees to ensure everyone’s safety. The plan should be within the government’s rules. You should plan how will you tackle a fire. Make sure to discuss the evacuation routes and emergency exits. Every employee should be involved in this.

Even some employees can be chosen to perform firefighting duties in case of need. They should have proper access to the required equipment and accessories. They should not panic at times of emergency and carry out their work bravely to help themselves and other workers. Apart from this someone should immediately call the emergency helpline and the fire brigade for help.


No one knows when an accident happens. Prevention is better than cure. If anytime a mishappening occurs and your workplace is on fire, do not panic and take immediate and decisive action. The fire warden training Sydney educates organizations to deal with such situations. The tips mentioned above will help you a lot in keeping your workplace safe from fire and other hazards. Always be safe and protect yourself and the people around you.