Social Media Marketing- The New-Age Marketing

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In this era of digital presence, social media marketing is a powerful weapon to establish your dream position in the market. 

According to research, more than 3.8 billion people use social media. Therefore, if you are not yet online, then you are missing your 3.8 billion target audience. (Think! )
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Social media marketing is the form of internet marketing that involves crafting and sharing of the content on social media networks. Not alone, social media marketing is a bunch of activities like posting texts and images, videos, and other content that drives the audience engagement to the organization.

The Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

Before you dive into the social media marketing approach, here are the core pillars that build a strong and dominant social media face for your organization.


The foremost thing that requires to kick-start the social media marketing is the strategy. You need to answer certain questions to make SMM strategy clear. 

  • What are your goals?
  • Which social media platform do you want to focus on?
  • What kind of content do you prefer to share?


Once you are clear with your thoughts and vision, you can go ahead with the planning of the SMM approach. 

Surely, social media gives you a one in a million opportunity to grab the eyeballs around the worldwide but you should have a proper plan to begin and continue it. 
To maximize your reach, you can go for the great content at the right time with the right frequency. For more detailed knowledge you can own the SMM Panel from SMMSocialPanel.


One of the most vital stages in SMM is engagement. 

Solely the engagement phase can make or break your business. So, go for it very wisely. 

However, to help you there are social media engagement tools that can give you feedback on how your posts and of course your content is going on.


Analytics shows the actual position of your business and hence works as nothing less than a reality check. 

Though the basic analytics is provided by the social media platform itself but to know in-depth, you need to have the social media analytical tools.


Social media advertising is a goodie that you can unlock if you think of investing properly in the social media marketing through your funds. 

Social media ads help you to reach a wider audience at a single time and thus, enhances your online visibility. You can create target audiences based on demographics, interests, and much more.

This was all about how your SMM approach can work for you. Therefore, SMM is a deep-sea. The more you get into it, the more you will get to know interesting and innovative tacts to elevate your business. 

So, let’s dive deeper and find out the ways of doing the SMM promotions

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SMM Promotions

Primarily there are two ways of doing the SMM promotions- active and passive.

What is Active Promotions?

If you will offer the audience to do various tasks for sharing of a single content, then it will be a very tedious task for the users. 

Thus, to make it compress-free, active promotion came into existence. In normal words, active promotion means adding links to the social media buttons to make the user press it.

This technique can be used in blogs, website content, etc that will help the content to read the content with just a single click.

What is Passive Promotions?

Passive promotion refers to promoting the activities through various social media platforms by updating the status, videos, and tweets. 

However, passive promotion is suitable for a specific social media platform. 

For example- One video will do better on Facebook and not on Twitter. 

Thus, customers are directly targeted with passive promotions and help the companies to get real-time feedback from the customers.


Surely, going for social-media in the tech-age is one of the best opportunities for the businesses. From sharing your views to sharing your business stuffs, you can elevate your business and can stand out from the crowd. 

Thus, social media marketing can work as a horse in the long run. 
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