Setting Up a Small Business Office: A Checklist to the Office Essentials

Did you know that it costs between $21 to $31 per square foot to equip an office?

If you’re a startup looking to set up your own office, you want to make sure every dollar of that budget is well spent. At the same time, you want it to look more like something out of Suits than Dunder Mifflin…

There are some office essentials that no business should scrimp on and you cannot live without. Let’s take a closer look at our office essentials checklist.

Office Furniture

Office desks are the starting point when you design your office. The finish you choose will dictate the scheme for the rest of the office. 

Neutral or block colors are usually best for desks so that they don’t dominate the space. Choosing light colors like white and light wood tones allows you to accent the office with pops of bright color.

You need a place to meet as a team and that means investing in a conference table. Make a statement with a live edge conference table. They bring a beautiful natural form into the office, which is usually all right angles and sharp edges.

To save a few bucks on office furniture, check out used office furniture stores and auction sites. Think about ergonomics when choosing office chairs to keep your workers healthy and productive all day long.

Office Technology

Calculate the number of office computers and screens you need. Do employees need multiple screens to be productive? Can you establish a hot-desking policy so computers are fully utilized at all times?

As screen costs can be relatively low, they can be a wise choice if they boost productivity. But remember that they also can use up to 26.4 watts per day, so check for energy-efficient models.

Do your workers need the flexibility to work from home or from other locations? Laptops and docking stations could be the way to go.

Most businesses will need a printer, photocopier, and shredder. You also need to decide whether you’ll provide company cells and tablets to your employees. The final piece of the puzzle is a phone system.

Office Supplies

Most companies spend between $77 and $92 a month on stationery. Try to digitize as much of your communication as possible to keep stationery costs down.

Some office supply essentials include:

  • Pens
  • Printer paper
  • Notebooks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
  • Post-It notes
  • Highlighters
  • Folders
  • Tape

Delegate the task of managing office supplies to a single employee. Make it their role to monitor inventory and empower them to order supplies regularly so they don’t run low. These items all need to be fully stocked from day one so that you’re ready for business.

Office Essentials You Need from Day One

Office essentials like furniture, computers, and stationery supplies have to be in place from day one. The outlay can be eyewatering at first. But it’s worth it to have your business ready to go from day one.

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