Pros and Cons of ArtificiaI Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a technology through which machines are trained to mimic the capabilities of the human mind. It helps create smart and intelligent machines that can perform several tasks without human involvement. These machines learn and explore their surroundings to analyze the data. We can see that AI is changing our way of living by allowing technological development in different sectors. You can learn Artificial Intelligence by enrolling in machine learning training in Bangalore.

Artificial Intelligence has significantly reduced human efforts by perfuming various redundant tasks. Some of the applications that use Artificial Intelligence are Google Maps, automated cats, fraud detections, and many more. Though it has many advantages, there are also many applications where it fails.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Processing without errors

It is natural that humans make errors while doing a specific task, especially while doing repetitive tasks. Human tasks are more prone to errors. That’s where the AI machine comes into role. These machines are programmed to achieve a certain task. Hence, its accuracy depends upon how well the code is written and its design to do multiple tasks. You can also learn to program by taking machine learning training in Bangalore.

It has been proved that AI machines are more efficient than humans when given a particular task. The use of AI machines reduces human effort and unnecessary errors. It has greater efficiency and thus helps in solving complex real-world problems.

  • Manage everyday tasls

Machines do not need breaks or rest to boost and recover their productivity. There are various repetitive tasks that are done by humans, which reduces efficiency and increases the chances of making errors. In contrast, AI-based machines can do the same tasks for a long time and without compromising productivity.

  • Available 24X7

Normally an average worker can work for 7-8 hours per day and need a break to refresh and energize himself. AI-based machines work tirelessly, and since they are machines, they do not show any lack of efficiency. AI chatbots are being used in customer service applications to provide an uninterrupted customer experience. E-learning websites, healthcare sectors are using this feature for their support chat. Building such chatbots are being taught in machine learning training in Bangalore.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Expensive to build

Building AI machines are not affordable for everyone. In bigger projects, the AI machines might even cost more than a million dollars. Hence, small-scale industries cannot opt for AI-based machines. The cost also depends upon the software and hardware, which need to be regularly updated. You can also learn to build such machines by doing machine learning training in Bangalore.

  • Increase in unemployment

As discussed earlier, the efficiency of these machines is much higher than humans, and they are replacing human workers. Only technically sounded people are getting the jobs, and other ones are being fired from their jobs. This is why all do not favor AI.

Even though AI does come with both pros and cons, its benefits clearly outweigh the limitations. Sooner than later, AI will become an inevitable part of human existence. And who knows, we could even get into war with AI robots!

Alen Parker

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