Present Yourself with a Sugary Treat by Our Pampering Treatments

Are you in search of the best day spa in Cary? Is your skin asking for a freshening touch? Or are your hair craving for bubbly attention? Why wait for your hair or face to give up on their beauty and health? Step into Le Nu Spa. We are providing an array of services from nail, hair, face to body treatments, keeping up your appearance. 

Le Nu Spa is led by Colette Le, an Aesthetician, graduated with chemistry and mathematics. She opened up Le Nu Spa in the year 2009 after facing annoying acne and other skin deformities at her young age. Colette’s daycare spa is her way of supporting people who are suffering at the hands of skin deformities. Soon after, she added numerous services in her day spa in Cary, including nail, face, hair, and body treatments. Le Nu Spa is driven by world-class professionals who are experts in their respective domains. Due to their expert-level service and enriched customer experience, her spa was presented with many awards like voter’s choice award, the best nail salon in Cary, and much more. Today, Colette Le is taking forth this business with boosted dedication and is solving skincare concerns worldwide. 

Here are a few services offered at Le Nu Spa

Get the perfect blend of comfort and health with the best Keratin treatment in Cary. Treat your frizzy hair and rebirth them with the best keratin treatment, offered by Le Nu Spa. Say hello to smooth and shiny hair and keep all eyes on you.

Get your “impress†game on your fingertips with the enriched galvanic manicure at Le Nu Spa. Experience the luxury of galvanic manicure and impress away every passer-by. Tell us what you desire and get 100% satisfactory results.

Reverse your skin-age and experience delight with the top-notch anti-aging treatment in Raleigh NC. Keep up your beauty like the Red Woman but without the god of light and the dark magic. Just some right formulas in an anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum can do the trick at Le Nu Spa.

Say NO to the slimming and thinning methods, and achieve the same by saying YES to health and happiness with custom body treatments at Le Nu Spa. There’s no shortcut to losing weight, but we have helpers to carry the load on this journey. Lose weight the right way, the healthy way, and welcome happiness with our weight loss body treatments.

Get picture-perfect makeup jobs, LITERALLY! at Le Nu Spa. No over-dos, just the right amount of makeup to enhance your beauty is how we give you a makeover at Le Nu Spa. You are beautiful, and we help you show exactly that to the outside world.

Asking your peers for a massage won’t do the trick of putting you at lasting comfort. Hire the best masseuse of Le Nu Spa in Cary. Amateurs can offer a temporary fix to your severe body aches with stubborn muscle restraints. Get a professional exotic massage by experts, and let the results stay with you for at least a while.

How about a hot and pampering waxing ritual before you hit the beach? Summer is still on but is your body ready for the lovely summer outfits? Get professional wax services at the best prices.

Are your brows hard to find and define? Get brow tinting to give a permanent solution to your light eyebrows. Wave bye to the daily struggle of manually shaping and filling your eyebrows. 

Interested? Get every service for your hair, face, skin, and body. We have you covered from head to toe. Contact Le Nu Spa to book or request a service.

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