Onsite Mix or Ready Mix Concrete in East London?

Without a doubt, concrete is one of the most common materials used in construction as it is used for a wide variety of projects.  How is it prepared? It is a blend of water, cement, and aggregates. There are two basic types of concrete; onsite mixed concrete and ready mix concrete East London, which are commonly used in the construction industry. There is very little and visible difference in both types of concrete. Before choosing one, you should know the differences to decide which one will suit best for your project. In this article, we will tell you the major differences between volumetric concrete and pre-mix concrete.

Preparation Process

The most obvious difference between both types of concrete is the way they are mixed. Pre-mix concrete is prepared at a batching plant under close observation through an automation process. It is sold in cubic meters volume and delivered at the site in ready to use state.

However, the onsite mixed concrete is prepared fresh in a volumetric truck at the site. All the components are blended in a specific ratio to achieve different degrees of strength.  In this type of concrete, you can face some quality issues as there are chances of human error.

Time Involved

We understand the importance of time, if your project is time-conscious then you should choose ready mix concrete East London as it is delivered in ready to use state, easier to load and offload, which will save your time.

On-site mixed concrete consumes more time as you have to stop a certain part of the project while the trucks start mixing the concrete.

Equipment Used

Arranging equipment is always a stressful task as you have to worry about which one you need and from where you can source them. You can expect to worry about arranging equipment for volumetric mixing such as batch mixers.

The project owner doesn’t need to arrange any equipment for pre-mix concrete as it is delivered in ready to use form.

Consistent Quality

In comparison to volumetric mixing, readymade concrete has better quality and more consistent quality as it is blended in a controlled environment.

Material Cost  

The cost of material used in volumetric concrete has to be estimated and purchased individually. While readymade concrete is calculated as a single unit.


You will find that readymade concrete makes very less waste on site as it is delivered in ready to use form. However volumetric mixing causes a lot of material wastage during the storing and mixing stage.

Labor required

As we have discussed earlier that pre-mix concrete is a more automated process, executed in a controlled plant so it requires less labor. While volumetric mixing requires a number of the labor force because everything has to be done at the site.


Both types of concrete are different from each other and it is you who can choose which one suits best for your situation and requirement. In general, ready mix concrete East London is better as it can be used for a wide variety of projects.