NUC 9 Extreme Kit: Intel’s most compact gaming PC

It is not the first time that Intel creates a high-performance gaming PC in an extremely compact format. The 9th generation of the Intel NUC platform has just been introduced, which can integrate up to Core i9 series H processors.

In the previous NUC 8, Intel worked with AMD to integrate a solvent GPU into the processor itself, but that limited equipment upgrade options. On the other hand, with NUC 9, the update options are total for both the processor, GPU or other components

NUC 9 Extreme “Ghost Canyon” is presented as one of the most compact gaming PCs since everything you need to run the most demanding triple-A games on the market is integrated into a box of just under 5 liters capacity.
With an even more compact size than that of a video game console, the NUC 9 Extreme “Ghost Canyon” is the first model to integrate unlocked Intel Core i9 processors and is also a pioneer in incorporating the mysterious Compute Element system which, despite the scarce filtered information, would allow to increase considerably the graphic power of the device.

This technology consists of a graphic processor (GPU) integrated into a small motherboard that integrates its RAM, USB, and network connections, as well as its SSD storage, which is connected to the motherboard’s PCIe. equipment. That way, the removable board behaves like an external graphics card that can be updated for a more powerful one without major inconveniences.

In the case of the small NUC 9 Extreme “Ghost Canyon,” this option is further improved as it also allows a second GPU to be used as it has a PCIe X16 connector.

Intel has confirmed that this new generation of NUC 9 Extreme “Ghost Canyon” will be compatible with the latest generation of high-performance processors for gaming in laptops, among which are listed the Intel Core i5-9300H with 4 cores and 8 threads; Core i7-9750H with 6 cores and 12 threads; and the Core i9-9980HK with 8 cores and 16 unlocked threads for overclocking.