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Lighting controls are often neglected at first but later implemented. Studies have shown many businesses which were on the verge of actually shutting down due to poorly-impaired lighting controls, or no lighting at all. Sounds unbelievable right? Hear this,

A good product needs true representation. Whether you have a cosmetics store, clothing store, footwear showroom, etc. You need thoughtful lights to give your product true-representation (in terms of looks). Many of us have been there where a product takes our breath away and we pay our hard-earned money in a GIF, only to find out later that it is not as good as when you saw or tried it in the showroom. But why is that? It’s because of the tricks these naughty lights play in convincing buyers.

Xicato is an essay answer to all problems regarding lighting controls. It has its firm foot set in crafting the best LED light sources to take away your lightning misery. In the business with 2007 and is here to play the long game.

Xicato is constantly improvising new technologies to control how your lighting behaves. Be it in office, home, club, etc. Starting from generating LED light sources, to control the light after they are born. Practically Xicato is a set of parents that lights can look up to.

Lighting Controls – Progress Over the Years

It is said that lighting can leave an impact on your employees’ performance. So when we talk about lighting controls, we mean different types of lighting and numerous purposes. Xicato links them together to form mind-mood-manipulation for enhanced and advanced performances. After thousands of case studies performed in-house, we bring forth thoughtful lighting sourceslighting controls, and lighting controls software for smooth operations at work. Xicato is reliable and friendly to easily pair with other lighting control systems due to its Bluetooth technology. So that you always keep some scope for further improvisations. Get a sweet blend of technology and modernization with Xicato.

LED Light Sources

LED light sources are one-stop-hub for all kinds of lighting conducts and solutions. While you decide the purpose for your next light-installation, Xicato develops the most reliable LED light sources for you to achieve your lighting goals. Be it a gym, a bar, a co-operate office, or an event, Xicato is equipped with providing reliable controls through its LED light sources. Bonus! We offer lighting controls software to keep the light and its power in your fist.

LED Smart Lighting

When we talk about smart LED lighting, we talk about an automated hub to control lighting conduct. Xicato has developed amazing automated functionality for LED lighting which understands the command given or stored within the lighting solution software.

Lighting Controls Software

Lighting Controls Softwares are designed to control different lighting behaviors all from one place. It provides a promising head-quarter (center) to direct and guide lights to act in a certain way (dim, bright, color, etc). Xicato is recognized for delivering the most reliable lighting controls software and ensures the business quality of the organization by motivating work quality within your employees.

Best Lighting Controls, sources, solutions, and software – Xicato

After years of research, Xicato developed lighting solutions for every lighting concern that you may have. If you want to get your office Xicato’ed, please fill a quick form to tell her about your venture requirements, and we will get in touch with you to converse further.  You can also have a one-on-one discussion with us at our office; 101 Daggett Drive San Jose, CA 95134. Feeling too tired to travel? Do not exhaust your strength, give us a call directly at +1 866 223 8395. You can also mail us at

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