Key Points to Know about SAP Business One License Modules

SAP Business One is a renowned name in the automation industry. Developed a German company, it’s smart and robust ERP solution that has the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. From Inventory and stock management to sales and purchase management to keeping customer records, SAP Business One is a one-stop solution to seamlessly optimize all your business processes.

It’s highly efficient software that empowers industry leaders to gain greater visibility across their business with its capability to render real-time data on the go. With SAP Business One by the leader’s side, they have been able to better analyze business progress, improvement, profits and other valuable information on the go. 

So, if you’re aware, how intelligent this software is and how beneficial it is to have it your organization, you must be aware of its deployment option too. SAP Business One is deployed both as on-premise and on-cloud. Depending on your requirements and infrastructure, you can avail any of the two options. Where on-premise has it’s own benefits of the software being hosted at your premise itself and thus, security concerns are well controlled and no data breaching can occur; cloud hosting on the other hand, is full of benefits. For eg. It is quick to install, implement updates, manage and interlink various stores of the same business. Data security was a concern sometime back for cloud hosting, but as we are heading towards a more and more digitalized era – the challenge seems to be solved now. Cloud-deployment has become the leader’s favorite these days.

Moving on, the gist of the story is that if you already know about SAP Business One and its advantages and thinking to finally buy SAP Business One, it’s time to know about its licensing too.

SAP Business One License Modules

If you are looking to buy SAP Business One license, its cost depends on the type of sap ERP license that you want to purchase, mainly Professional License or Limited License. These are again available in two types – 

Perpetual License – One-time fee with an annual maintenance/support fee

Subscription License – Billed monthly with no annual maintenance fee

SAP business one provides various licensing models to address different customer needs and their budget. You have options to choose between perpetual and subscription-based SAP ERP license. These models give you the flexibility to pay as per your requirement and usage.

To get a broader view, there are majorly two types of SAP Business one license modules available:

Professional Pack: Here, you get access to all modules and features of SAP Business one along with the access to the software development kit.

Limited Pack: Here, you can avail limited modules including, CRM, finance and logistic. As these are the most challenging departments to handle, the limited pack is very popular among small and medium-sized emerging businesses. 

It’s never easy to decide which pack to avail and how to pay for the same. To answer all your queries, you can reach to Uneecops, known name as trusted partners of ERP software in Mumbai for their best-in-class services. Contact and book your free assessment today!