Indian Army Recruitment: Pros and Cons of Joining Indian Army

Everything in this world has positives and negatives. When it comes to employment the rule is no different. Nothing comes easy. You have to sacrifice or adjust to every situation. The army is no different. This honorable job comes with its share of merits and demerits. Let’s explore them more.


The honor 

The most important highlight of  Indian army recruitment is the honorable life that you get to lead. Your status in society will be different from all non-army friends and family. Everyone around you will feel proud of you. This feeling is priceless.

Army discounts

Be it your children’s school, colleges, canteens, or hospitals you will be able to avail the services at lesser costs. The services are not only discounted but also free in certain cases. This facility will be there with you and your family all life long.

Free education

In case you don’t want to pay hefty fees at colleges you can join the army. This  Sarkari Naukri offers you free education. If you join the Indian army right after the 12th standard, your college fees will be taken care of by the NDA. You will be provided your bachelor’s degree by them. So no student loans to be paid!

Job security

At a time where there is so much of hue and cry about losing jobs in the public sector, as army personnel you certainly don’t have to worry about the loss. The army does not fire people, unlike the public sector. This Sarkari job in the army offers you a secure job with many benefits.


Unlimited sacrifice

The honor does not come without sacrifice. The sacrifice that we are talking about is not money or other perks, it is the life of the soldiers. It’s a known fact that soldiers can die or be severely injured in combats.Yet there is no official documentation that states that this could be a part of your job role.

Discipline and rigor

No doubt that these can be extremely helpful in life but when it comes to the Indian army recruitment the vigorous can be very hectic. You need to be in full form all the time. It may get nerve-wracking after some point.

Difficulties for married officers

Most candidates are bachelors when they join. Many eligibility criteria mention them too. You can check these out in detail on Sarkari Result Naukri. It is very easy to find accommodation for a bachelor’s. But for married army employees it becomes difficult. This leads to their spouses living separately. Also, frequent transfers could have a negative impact on the kid’s studies. It also leads to less time with family.

There is no turning back

While joining the army you would be required to sign documents. According to these, you can not resign with honor.If it is a 10-year contract, you are bound to serve for all these years. If you want to terminate your service you will not receive a respectful farewell.


Just like any other job even the army has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence it is important to know the complete story before making a decision. Understand the role carefully if you wish to proceed.

Shailendra Kumar

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