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If You Can Only Plant One Tree

Tree planting is an environmentally friendly and engaging activity that people can do to improve the planet. Planting one tree from a native tree nursery is a great starting point if you want to become more sustainable. Trees provide many benefits for all things that inhabit our planet. Here is what would happen if you could only plant one tree.

Release More Oxygen Into the Air

If you walk in the woods, you will notice that there is clean and fresh air. Trees purify the air by absorbing toxic gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, and ammonia. They trap particulates and dust from the air in the barks and leaves. 

Trees make it possible for you to breathe. They release oxygen that is needed for people and animals to survive. 

Oxygen is a byproduct released naturally through photosynthesis. Trees draw in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen into the air. When everyone plants one tree, there will be more fresh air and oxygen to breathe.

Fight Climate Change

Global warming is occurring at a higher rate than ever, threatening our planet. As temperatures fall, they cause devastating and irreversible consequences. 

Trees can help fight against climate change. They absorb atmospheric carbon through a process known as photosynthesis and store it for centuries. 

The woodland ecosystem locks up carbon, including the living leaves, roots, wood, and surroundings soils. Trees fight the effects of climate change by reducing city temperature and enriching the soil with nutrients.

Reduce Soil Erosion

Tree planting benefits the environment too. Wind and rain can cause erosion as they damage bare soil. Rain has enough momentum and power. When rain hits the ground, it penetrates deep into the soil. 

Planting trees can prevent damage to the soil by breaking down rain droplets and reducing their strength. Trees have strong roots that hold the ground firmly, preventing storms or rain from washing away the soil. Those who live in hilly areas can plant trees to reduce landslides and loss of fertile land by decelerating river sedimentation. 

Trees also act as windbreakers by preventing soil from being blown away. Areas that don’t have trees are inhabitable or look like deserts. Planting trees can transform such areas into oases, making them more productive and habitable.

Prevent Water Pollution

Stormwater contains nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants. Unfiltered stormwater flows into waters and oceans in areas with no trees. 

Trees allow the water to get into the soil by breaking the rainfall. They soothe the impact of stormwater preventing pollution of the oceans. 

Trees also improve water quality by slowing the amount of rain that falls to the ground. They act as natural sponges because they collect and filter rainfall and slowly release it into rivers and streams. Trees prevent soil from eroding into the water, as that can cause poor water quality.

Habitat for Endangered Species

Many animals need vast areas of forest to thrive. Some migrate every year through long corridors, while others are in danger of illegal hunting and poaching. 

Habitat loss is a huge threat to most wildlife apart from hunting. Animals would be much safer from hunting if there were enough trees or thick forests to hide.

Every animal on land and sea depends on trees to survive. Many endangered animal species have lost their homes or natural habitat because of deforestation. Planting trees help to create a forest for endangered animals to have a place to call home. 

Renewable Energy Source

Planting trees at a rate that exceeds how they are replenished helps to renew the natural resources automatically. Trees can be replaced when humans use them across multiple applications.
Fossil fuels are a huge problem worldwide. They will not be there forever despite their toxic properties. Many companies have shifted their focus toward renewable energy sources.
Trees can be great renewable sources of energy when treated and harvested sustainably. They have been there for ages and are easy to use. Having smart forest management strategies in place can make trees a great eco-friend fuel source. 

Buy Trees From a Company With Native Tree Nursery

Look for a company that has grown a native tree nursery for many years. A company that ships wholesale orders across states, countries, and borders will make it easy for you to make an order. Plant a tree to help restore the earth’s ecosystem.

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