10 Indoor Plants You Can Send Online As Gifts

Exchanging gifts is a way of sharing emotions and expressing our love to each other. A gift can be anything, an expensive one like a diamond studded necklace or a simple but priceless gesture of making dinner for you. Indoor plants have become like one of the necessities of the home as we all want to see some fresh and natural thing in our place and get some fresh air to get rid of the pollution of big cities. Also, the gifts of plants can be very special as plants can elevate the life state of anyone and everyone. Just place a green indoor plant in a corner of your house and you are almost set for the home décor. 

With so many benefits, plants are one of the best gifts that can suit any occasion. If you are not into materialistic things, then you can always think of sending flowering or non-flowering plants to your loved ones. Try sending a gift of some lush greeneries to your friend, colleague, parents, or lover and you will certainly get a big Thanks back from them. You can get many beautiful options of indoor plants from MyFlowerApp.Com and send them along with pots online to any place in the country. Some low maintenance indoor plants are:

Good luck bamboo

This is one of the most picked indoor plants of all time. Good luck bamboo is a bonsai or small sized bamboo plant that is mostly potted in a glass jar with water. It is a beautiful piece of plant that enhances the home décor. It is believed to be an attractor of good fortune. On an office desk or on the corner shelves of your wall, this plant goes very well for any place. It comes in two, three and multi layered structure that gives the plant a variety of looks. You can easily grow it inside the water jar only. Gifting it alone or in pair with some other present can make the recipient happy and bring a lot of good fortune for them. 


Money Plant or Pothos can also be gifted to someone close to your heart. This plant is undoubtedly one of the best looking indoor plants as it comes with trailing, vine like habit and heart shaped leaves can change the whole look of a corner or a wall. This is also considered to be a good luck plant that brings wealth to home. It is very easy to grow this plant indoors or even on balconies. 

Peace Lily

This plant again has air purifying capacity as well as gives a leafy and contrasting look to your home. It is also considered a symbol of peace as you present it to someone. 


Everyone knows the benefits of Aloe Vera. You can keep it as a piece of decoration and also to use it for betterment in health. Gifting this to someone will show your care and affection for them. 


With the ability to purify air, Syngonium is another plant to be kept at home for home décor. It is a beautiful looking leafy plant that can grow under indirect sunlight and very less maintenance. Gift this plant in a beautiful ceramic or plastic pot to anyone who loves plants but too busy for regular gardening. 

Snake Plant

Thick and long steady leaves are what make this plant look classy and attractive in any corner of home or office. You can give this plant in a brass or ceramic pot to someone close on their significant days. 


Jade is considered to be a lucky plant for home. This indoor plant needs less or no attention but still grows very gorgeous with its small and thick leaves. 


Just one Palm tree in a corner of the home and the whole looks of the place changes instantly. This palm tree as an indoor serves the best as an air purifier also. You can present it to anyone who loves plants. 

Chinese Evergreen

This indoor plant is also a great foliage plant. Present it to someone in a classy pot and your gift will be the most unique among all.  

Spider plant

With its tentacles like leaves, Spider plant looks striking in a pot, hanging planter or a brochette. It can be gifted to enhance the home decoration.  


Anthurium is a flowering plant and the flowers are popular among floral gifts as well. This plant blossoms for eight weeks every year and gives bright red flowers to the plant. Present this to someone at their housewarming event.