Buying A Grow Tent

Many indoor growers these days purchase these days a grow tent or grow closet to keep their indoor grow completely separate from the rest of theri home. These growers like these tents because they help keep the growing environment stable and comfortable which helps the growers keep out pets and mold while being able to give the plants the climate that they really need and want in order  to produce good harvests. 

Grow tents aslo give the grower the ability to contain the grow light they are using so people around them don’t get aggravated or suspicious about the grow. The thing is, there are tons of different grow tents  available these days, so how do you know which one to purchase?

A grow tent is not made equal to its competitors. Each grow tent has positives and negatives to it so you want to take this into account when choosing which grow tent you want to purchase. The first aspect to look at is size. There are grow tents ranging in size from a cloning type tent that would be about 2ft multiply 2f multiply 2f all the way up to tents as large as 8ft multiply 8ft multiply 8ft. If you are growing in a closet type tent than you will want to look for a tent that fits well inside your closet space. 

Do some measuring and then some research to find some tents that fits your dimensions. Just remember that you will need to exhaust your hot air somewhere so.

The other side of the grow tent purchasing process is choosing a tent with the features that you require, Most tents come with extra support bars at the top for hanging lights, ventilation fans and ducting, or whatever else you might need. Make sure that if you are planning on hanging a lot of weight from these top support that you get a well made tent that is made to support that much weight. 

Another feature to look at are duct holes, which you want to make sure are the right size for the ducting you plan on using. You also want to look at where the doors are and make sure you will have the access you need to properly tend to your plants. The last feature that you typically want to look for are the air intake vents. Typically you want to vent your hot air out of the top of the tent on the opposite side as your air intake, so take this into mind when deciding.

These are the main features you want to investigate in your next tent before purchasing. My general recommendation is to get a tent in the middle price range. The cheaper tents really don’t last and can’t support much weight, while the more expensive tents just really aren’t worth that extra cost. Do your own research thought and find a grow closet or grow tent that fits your needs.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development