July 14, 2024

Can I Grow A Pear Tree in My Small Garden?

Think back to your childhood, and you soon remember that every pear tree that you saw was very large. Fortunately, things have changed. You will be pleased to know that if you enjoy the taste of pears, pear trees now come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you have a small garden, you should be able to grow pears. 

Why Are Trees Becoming So Popular? 

More of us are trying to grow, or at least would like to grow trees. Of course, one of the benefits of growing your own fruit trees, is that you can eat the fruit. But there are other reasons we want to grow trees in our gardens. 

A small garden can hugely benefit from a tree or two. Not only do you get at least some home grown fruit. But, you also get the opportunity to welcome feathered visitors to your garden. It is amazing how quickly one or two trees bring wild life to your garden. 

Add a small pond and you instantly have a habit for wildlife critters. 

Why Fruit Trees? 

Yes, it is nice to have ornamental trees growing in your garden. But, we often forget that fruit trees have so much more to offer than just fruit. In order to produce fruit, fruit trees have to flower. Depending on your pear tree variety, it can flower anywhere from early to late spring. 

What is especially great about fruit trees is that they actively attract pollinating insects. We need pollinating insects to feel welcome in our gardens. They are worthy allies to have in our fight against climate change and pollution. Not only do they pollinate are plants. but they also keep them healthier. Many say that a plant or tree that has been pollinated enjoy a healthier growth. 

If you like, you can say with fruit trees you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy flowers in the spring with the sound of pollinating insects making themselves busy. Towards autumn, you can enjoy the fruits of the pollinating insects’ hard work. 

Just a couple of good reasons to grow fruit trees in your garden. 

Where Can I Buy Pear Trees? 

There is no reason why you can’t buy pear trees online. If you feel that you would like personal advice, why not go ahead and contact Chris Bowers & Sons at https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/. This wonderful friendly family business have been growing trees and berry bushes for many years. 

In Conclusion

There is no reason why you should not enjoy pears from your small garden or terrace. Get in touch with a nursery supplying quality fruit trees and find out what tree is right for your garden. 

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