June 25, 2024

Identifying an Expert Criminal Lawyer

There are all kinds of different types of lawyers, family law, tax law, and of course criminal law are just three examples. When you need help with a criminal charge made against you, you need a criminal Melbourne lawyer. They can help you with legal advice, and support, and help you achieve success in the courtroom if it gets that far, or to at least get a lighter punishment. Even within the category of criminal law, there is a lot to cover so you also need a lawyer who specialises in the specific area you are dealing with. If you are being charged with drink driving you want a lawyer who knows all about it and has defended other clients for the same thing.

A criminal lawyer is important whatever the crime

When you are arrested for committing a crime whatever that crime is, you need a lawyer who has handled that kind of case before, not just once or twice, but with a good few years of experience with such cases. There are different nuances, rules, consequences and approaches to be taken depending on the law that has been broken. It is a hard time, whatever the crime, this is going to impact your life in a big way, you are potentially going to do jail time, and you will more than likely lose your job. It is important to have a lawyer Melbourne clients recommend who can be trusted and have a good track record in defending their cases.

When you talk to your lawyer they should listen to everything you have to say and what your point of view is about the crime you are being charged with. They will go from there and they or their team will investigate and research. This means looking at the evidence and collecting more, collecting facts and witness statements, and preparing for trial when it goes to court. Unless you are a criminal lawyer yourself there is rarely a good situation to choose to represent yourself over hiring a skilled lawyer.

What are some of the things a criminal lawyer might perform?

There is a lot involved in being a Melbourne lawyer, and just some of those steps or duties include;

  • Advising you at the police station and interacting with the police
  • Talking with you and taking down all the information, it is essential to tell them everything and be honest
  • Investigate the case including interviews
  • Producing a search warrant
  • Preparing arrest complaints
  • Working on bail agreements and plea bargains
  • Defending a case at trial and negotiating the punishment


A lawyer Melbourne can make a big difference with any criminal charge, they are not just for the big serious charges like auto theft, murder, robbery, rape, and other such crimes. Whatever charge you are facing you should face it with the support of a criminal lawyer you trust and feel comfortable with. While your situation might mean you need a lawyer quickly, try to find the best you can.

Mohit Jain

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