How To Steam Clean Upholstery Yourself

Steaming helps to get rid of bacteria, stains, and other grime that can make upholstery appear dull and dirty. Using a steamer is an eco-friendly and easy way to remove fabric stains that build up over time. These clever cleaning tools boil water to output steam for cleaning and sanitizing your upholstery and more. Completely avoiding any damaging chemicals. 

All your upholstery is easy to refresh using this treatment alongside a little hand wiping. Steam not only cleans tough dirt and greasy stains it t also sterilizes surfaces by eliminating allergens and the majority of harmful germs, molds, dust mites, and bed bugs. 

The hot vapours work by loosening debris and brightening the color of your upholstery as the bits are picked up by a cleaning pad. All you need to do is make sure your upholstery is suitable for steam cleaning by looking at the care instructions. If you are unsure about completing it yourself it is common for homeowners to use Upholstery Cleaning Services Sydney. 

Top Tips For Steam Cleaning Your Upholstery

Check For Colour Fastness

This is where you see colour fading or running when using a steamer. It’s best to test a small area of your upholstery before you you use it all over. Doing this help to protect your furniture from any damages. 

Vacuum First

Vacuum off any dust, food bits, pet hairs, and dander, these may leave the area of your upholstery messier if you steam before removing. 

Pre-Treat Deep Stains

Spot removing or spraying tough stains before you steam can help to soften them and give you a better chance of removing them fully. The majority of messes can be steam cleaned but if they have been left a while they may just need an extra helping hand. 

Prepare The Unit

Before you use the steamer, you will need to make sure it’s set up properly, add in a little fabric conditioner with the water as recommended. Make sure you choose the right upholstery accessory, which may include you swapping and changing as you steam. Before you use the steamer on your furniture, make sure you let it run and heat up properly. 

Leave Your Upholstery To Dry 

Once you are finished steaming, you will need to leave the fabric to dry properly. Opening your windows may speed up the process. If you need to repeat steam your upholstery, it’s best to allow it to dry completely, vacuum, and start over. Make sure no one uses any of the furniture before it is completely dry. 

Natural Finish

Steam cleaners are the best tool when it comes to achieving refreshing delicate upholstery or sanitizing your mattresses. Using the basic steps above, you can deep-clean, spot-clean, and sanitize all your upholstery in your home. Using a steamer constantly as part of your cleaning routine enables you to extend the life of your upholstery keeping it looking great. 

If you don’t feel comfortable steaming your upholstery why not have a look at some Upholstery Cleaning Services in Sydney? 

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