How to Safely Exfoliate Skin at Home

Did you know that dermatologists and skin experts recommend that you exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times each week? 

Exfoliating your skin helps you get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and dry patches. It can even prevent clogged pores.

If you want to make your skin feel and look good, you should consider exfoliating more than just your face. 

Continue reading to discover the best ways to exfoliate skin at home with the items you already have! 

Warm Washcloth

One of the best ways to exfoliate skin is with a damp warm washcloth. 

The warm water will help open up pores and be soothing on your skin. Cotton cloths are perfect exfoliators because they have enough textures to remove dead skin cells and clean your face. If you have sensitive skin, baby washcloths are perfect to use and more gentle. 

Many people exfoliate with a washcloth while they are cleaning their face with soap. Make sure that you don’t do this every day, otherwise, your skin could dry. 

Coffee & Honey Scrub

If you want smooth skin and have some time to pamper yourself, you could do a homemade face mask.

A facemask with honey and coffee grounds can exfoliate your skin, refresh you, and give you a jolt of energy. The coffee grounds are small enough that they don’t tear your skin but they can help get rid of dry skin. Putting honey in the mask will provide your skin with hydration and it helps to keep the mixture from running off of your face or body. 

A lot of people use coffee scrubs on their face, however, this mask is also perfect for your legs.  

Sponges & Loofas

A great way to exfoliate your face and body is with sponges and loofas. 

Sponges and loofas provide enough texture to break dead skin cells away from your face and leave the freshest layers. Your skin will be most vibrant and you will likely notice less discoloration. These loofas work well because they stimulate your pores and get the blood flowing. 

If sponges and loofas aren’t helping give you youthful skin, this is a complete guide to learn why. 


If you have sensitive skin and feel like needles are in your face when you use cleaners and scrubs, you should try oatmeal.

Mixing oatmeal with honey or warm milk can help hydrate your skin. The oatmeal is gentle but strong enough to scrub the area it is being applied to. This is a great solution because most people have oatmeal in their cupboards and you don’t have to worry about skin reactions. 

Exfoliate Skin with What You Have

If you want to exfoliate skin at home, you shouldn’t have to spend your money on a bunch of products. 

Many people say that you should exfoliate your face each week or every couple of days. If warm water and soap are too harsh on your skin, oatmeal is a perfect solution. You can find products within your home that will improve your skin. 

Not only does exfoliating make your skin smoother, but it also gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines. 

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